That little thing called happiness

I am the HAPPIEST bunny on the block. Not that there are bunnies, on blocks? (Well, on my block there is.) Anyway, enough of the brain ache, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy and it’s contagious. All day, i’ve been singing, dancing, skipping on rainbows, and leaping from merry cloud to cloud. (I’m not on drugs.) My surroundings have been marvellous, and the people filling up my ‘surrounding area’ have not only been singing ‘Chirpy chirpy, cheep cheep,’ whilst emptying trash cans (never really got that song…the ‘where’s ya momma gone,’ part,) yet have also been brimming over with crazily joyous ‘ooh laa.’ I don’t know what happened, but i LOVE it!! I honestly feel so MARVELLOUS, i could SCREAM!! Love it!! So excited!!

Not much happened today, other than sunshine, shopping and the giggles. I’ve laughed so hard, i’ve cried almost 47 times. I literally feel like i’m on some utterly wonderful bouncy castle, (random) that shoots you all the way up to the sky and back soaring. Every landing is a soft one, making you laugh your arse off, until you eventually feel sick. I’ve spent soooo much money, yet bought the most delightful little treats. I feel like a princess, and as hot as the flames of hell. (Yeah baby!) I’m feeling like a superstar, all minxy and McWinky. I’m currently waiting for my pyjamas to dry on a radiator, and i have just latin american sambaed (quite poorly) across my kitchen, mid boiling potatoes. But fuck it, i’m happy! I LOVE MY LIFE!! (By tomorrow i’ll be miserable…don’t worry! Ha-ha!)

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