Happy Anniversary To Meeeee


Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary to MEEEEEE!!! I made it. I’ve finally managed to snag a ‘Handsome’ that I truely adore, who one year later not only adores me right back…but is actually deliciously wonderful to me. [Applaud Here.] I woke up this morning to the man of my dreams, who thank godly was in nothing more than the hottest red boxer shorts..the tight kind that make you *swoon*with a flutter. Red boxers are only worth it, when they’re on a gentleman that you delight in, Father Christmas…or a ‘Baywatch’ cast member. I’ve always thought that our relationship works because alongside the ‘love part’ of the whole shindig, we still know how to keep it ‘ooh laa.’ Even a year later, we’ll still flirt with one another and keep it’ sexy sexy.’ We try never to take each other for granted and 98% of the time focus on what we adore about each other, rather than the tiny spots of ‘negatory’ that may litter our love for one another. (I’m typing this whilst trying to feed a baby…who is quite charmingly dressed as a hip/hop baby pink bear! 🙂 )

This morning, i gifted Pete with a surprise bubbling bottle of champers to mark our one year anniversary. (I mean you’d think ‘Baby Ruby’ would be enough…yet why not decorate her arrival & our first year of love with champers? It’s the ‘Wunna’ way.) It’s also apparently the first ever bottle of champagne that Pete has ever been gifted with. Which I found mildy bizarre, due to the amount of champers that I have ungracefully managed to *guzzle* during my entire existance. (*Flashback* of Me at an anniversary party at ‘The Abbey’ in West Hollywood, being lifted into the air by gays named ‘Randy,’ cheering with a bottle of Moet in each hand, whilst being sang to by men who thought I was ‘beautiful,’ by a grand piano….as (get this) Christina Aguilera watched on from a V.I.P booth. )

However, I do adore ‘firsts‘ and both Pete & I have experienced a merry bundle of ‘firsts’ with one another. It not only brought a smile to my face knowing how happy I had made him feel. *Produces champagne from under the bed.* Yet I have this theory that experiencing ‘firsts’ with people…whoever they may be..always bonds you to them closely. Whether you like it or not! (Pete’s currently wrapped in wires on the living room floor, as he tries his skills at being a handy man. He’s all excited because my baby weight has seemed to have dropped off and i’m in skin tight grey leopard print. He hasn’t seen ‘not pregnant’ Chrissie in a looong time and therefore goes in for the occasional bum grab. Kinda makes me feel good knowing that he still fancies a bit of the old ‘Wunna.’ (OMG…i’m totally being distracted by the whole ‘TEAM’ thing on Dancing on Ice! How can you not love it!)

Anyway, I’ve had a wonderful day. I actually attempted my first glass of wine yesterday evening, after my 9 month trail of sobriety. I was rubbish at it. Thoroughly rubbish at it. It made me feel light headed after half a glass of red. Put me right off my duck in plum sauce too. It kinda made me feel like I was not being a good enough Mother and simply because I had soiled my rather pure ‘9 month no drinking much’ system. I gave in and guzzled down a bottle of water, after eating Fortune cookies over baby Ruby. (You just don’t get more asian than that!)

I’m having a marvellous time being a Mummy. My daughter is delicious!! I adore her and live every moment for her. Just to prove that you never know what life is going to throw at you. Know that this time last year, I was in a zebra print nighty, drunk and on my way to Leeds with Harriet, to go to the Christian Audigier event at ‘The Loft.’ I was about to meet Loverboy, after having my heart a bit broken by another recent gent from ‘Loserville.’  

Little did I know that on that night, this exact time last year, Loverboy would end up being the man of my entire dreams or that even one year later we’d still be together and he’d be the Father to my first ever child. (Well done Me for making out with him in the back of a taxi and getting his number much! Being a floozy can sometimes work for you. You just have to make sure you do it stylishly. 🙂 )

Life couldn’t at all be better.

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