Happy 2020

Happy ‘First Day of..’ 2020.

I hope ALL your greatest wishes & most wonderful dreams come true! I really do! 

I guess you should work hard, be kind & sprinkle all that with fun! If you can’t do that…just wing it! It’s fine! (I’ve been winging life, in eyeliner for ages now.) 

Do what you want. However, stay loyal to what you truly believe is right. We don’t always do that, do we? But really, there’s no point in selling yourself short….again. 😉 

LIVE! Don’t let people mess with ya head. If you let them, they will. If you don’t…they can’t. Simples! 

Make happy choices, always. It’s less stressful. Even when times are really hard, I’ve learnt that if I make choices, that fill my world with passion & true happiness…it’s always much more fulfilling. 

Look after the ones you love. Show them how much you appreciate them. Protect them, when they need your help. Stand up for them, when they just can’t do it themselves!! They’ll always remember that you were there.

Don’t dwell on the small things. When you literally look at the BIG picture…they’re really only tiny. Sometimes they don’t matter as much as you think.

I’d also say…be able to know the difference between ‘small problems’ and ‘big problems.’

 (A lady…2 nights ago…She made no eye contact with me, as she looked through the cheeses, in my local supermarket. The above is what she said to me…kinda just OUT of the ‘blue.’ As I walked away…I looked back… and her eyes smirked. I stopped and she then quietly said… ‘You’re doing really well!’ ) 

LIVE! (Just had to say it again! I mean, I might be quite sensible right now, but GOSH if you even nearly peeked into my ‘Sack of Past,’ it’d jump onto your face & soil it, with a juicy vodka dripped, rainbow splurge of regretful joy!! It means, I’ll always have a story to tell, when I’m 80. You’re gonna need a story & a tank full of memories to tell, because being 80 is apparently really ‘still.’)

Spilt milk has been spilt. Leave it, or wipe it up. Either way…always refill.

Be brave! Always get back up. Just get back up…always.

Stay focused. However, if you need a ‘time out,’ or a moment to yourself…take it. You never have to apologise for a time out. Just take it. 

Try not to worry. I worry a lot…and I guess it’s a habit we all need to try and kick. Have faith in life. I heard that once you do…good things happen. 

Remember that you really CAN achieve your goals & dreams. If people tell you that you CAN’T…don’t listen. You really can. Most things have actually been done before. You just have to do things correctly. 

‘It’s not where you start…it’s where you finish!’ 

Don’t intentionally try to hurt others. Karma is real. It’s an absolute proper ‘beeech!’

Make sure you don’t waste your time….I’ve always thought that spending time on things, that don’t really enhance your life, yourself, or how you FEEL, in any positive way…aren’t worth it, at all. 


(It does matter if you fancy a wild year, a work year, a calm year, a busy year, a year away….OR if you fancy mixing it up a little. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are…as long as you’re really happy…you’re actually doing alright.)

Always look your best. Make people smile.

That’s it! The rest you’ve godda leave to ‘life magic.’ Lol. 

Happy sailing through 2020! I’m on the same boat, so I’m right here with ya! 

If I’m being honest, there isn’t any rules, is there? They kinda just appear, as we learn….So try and sail steady! ‘Rough seas’ are shocking. 

Anyway! My sails set….i’m off!

There are BILLIONS of people doing life…this is just MY version of it. 

Enjoy yours. 

All my love, 

Chrissie x

(Ps/ My eyes woke up at 3.28am…That’s why I wrote this..on my phone…whilst laid in bed. It’s 4.25am now. I should probably get some sleep.) 

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