Handling my Sh**

Just woke up and i’ve already been plunged into work. I’m really getting snowed under  in Summer and i can’t seem to get my head around it all. I feel like eveyone wants a piece of me and i’ve been trying to juggle my bits (oh-er)appropriately. I’m a lot busier then you think i am, as i always play, ‘la-dee-da, wiggle wiggle’ Bimbo. Right now, i have loads of deadlines, loads of things to get to, an ever flourishing love life (which has been put on a back burner.) The best friends possible (who i don’t have time for anymore lol) and well things to do all over the World, be it LA, Europe, Asia or England, whislt potuing, posing and writing. ( ineed to write a list. But am i really a ‘list’ person? Methinks not.

I’ve got to get into gear and really start not caring about what anyone else needs. (Which should be easy for me! lol.) Everythings changing and i’m at a point where i’m having to sacrifice a great deal of things for work. I don’t mind it as i’m wanting to get my hustle on. I love my work, it means more to me than anything. Yet sometimes the people around me don’t quite understand how much work it actually takes. A lot of my time is scheduled away and the time that isn’t will be shortly. Lol.

‘Dreamboat’ and I…(althought he keeps mailing me roses) are on hold. He’s working like crasy and going through a bit of a ‘media’ hard time and well i’m always ‘off off and away’ making ‘us’ almost an impossibility. ‘Latin lover’ (My dearest and truest heart) nis the MOST understanding being when it comes to ‘waiting for The Wunna.’ I havne’t been able to catch up with him in days, but he gets it. He’s us to it and well…it’s the LA way. Our whole relationship has always been like that. Fernando, i’m not bothered about. He’s too needy and thinks he’s a lot hotter than what he is. (Has a girlfriend but wants me to be his bit on the side.) I’m putting my ‘can’t be arse’ card up to that. This little Glamour Puss thinks you have too much time on your hands. But still would bonk you, if she ever saw you. Purr…

Infact i’m really pissed off at myself. (Ugh, my summer dress is too tight for me. i must be getting fat!) I’m pissed off because if there’s a time when i am enchanting gentlemen more than ever…IT IS NOW!! They are swooning around me and i think it’s because i don’t have time for them. I’ve always said, ‘if your interested in yourself, then everyone else becomes interested in you.’ They want to win your attention. It works. I was taught this on a West Hollywood balcony in LA by my neighbour Cletus!

Anyway i’ve got to go, work must be tended to. I can handle all thats happening. i don’t want you to think i can. it’s more my personal life that i’m trying to juggle in. Sometimes you’ve just got to let it go..in order to make your dreams come true. Mine are ever second and i can’t waste this time on boys and lunches with friends. I’m on top of it all. (Is it wrong to have a Mojito for breakfast?)

4 thoughts on “Handling my Sh**”

  1. Driving lessons and mostly money. Oh and that new DSi! It’s suave!
    I can pay for my Britney ticket now 😀


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