I have maungy babies. Not quite sure what has decided to occur in the last 24 hours, but they’ve certainly decided that a big old weepy-moan festival is what Mama deserves right now. Yet, don’t get me wrong…to see them outside the house you’d think they were the spawn of Saint Gabrielle herself. (Don’t know if she was even a good Saint…went with it anyway?) They’re like ‘Puss in Boots’ from Shrek…all charming and quiet and cute and marginally well behaved. As soon as they get home and ‘oooh look’ there’s just ME…it’s Viva La Tag Team and the games are ON! I’m quite a chilled mum, so i find it funny whilst they’re still cute. I mean, it’ll still be funny when they’re 22 and 20…as I’ll be able to spew out a stream of cliched ‘Mother’ quotes. ‘Not under MY ROOF, you won’t!/What did your last slave die of!’ Blah…blah…blah. But Junior (who is the ‘happy’ baby) has turned over the dark side.

In front of Grandma…

‘Ooh, yeah…i’m so cute.’

With Mummy this morning, when he experienced the trials of having an older sister who won’t let him play, with her girls, battery operated…walking, wiggly bum dog.



Junior is usually as happy as can be. But when he gets angry and he only gets angry when his utter impatience kicks in…He then literally turns into the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’..and with a grunty, shout of ‘AAAAAAAHHHHHRGH’…and a furious clenching of fists, (what I call his ‘TTFC’ Temper, Tantrum, Fist Clench) as he shakes in madness with utter comedic rage….he loses it. Oh the drama! He loses the total plot. Only for a second…before it turns into eternal weeping…which then turns into I need Mummy cuddles…’ But that second is HILARIOUS…in a sort of terrifying…  anger management much….way. Luckily, his mother is ‘Chrissie Wunna..’ I can handle this with a smile and a giggle. Another grumpy boy? Welcome to my life. Easy Peasy! 🙂 A least Ruby is consistent with her ‘Diva-isms.’ Junior’s temper pops out of nowhere, then huddles back in, as he hides in my bosom.

I mean as I tweeted this morning…

‘The bad thing about baby boys is that when they get mad, they get super testosterony MAD. Yet the good thing about baby boys is that after that moment when life has defeated them…lol…they crawl back to Mama, all forlorn & broken down, with tears in their eyes.. asking for a cuddle.  (Not much changes when they become men.)’

Bottom line…men need their women and when I say ‘THEIR’ women, I mean the woman that has birthed them or the woman they have chosen to love and care for them. Even when they dance off to Dixie land, air heel clicking, with pints..they’re back…in need of a bit of ‘nurture.’ I mean, my Dad always says how much he loves my mum because she’s the woman who stands the test of time with him. No matter what Tom Foolery he has delivered, she has stood there with her lioness ‘umph, pulled him back together, mopped his brow, taught him right from wrong…shouted at him a little and set him back on the right track..every time…for 30 something years now! That’s love.

But yes, enough about that! *Fans myself*

I’ve been house hunting, working on the beauty line and feeling knackered. Glamourously knackered of course. I think i may have found a home that I would like to reside in..there’s two…one is near home, the other in the next town…but yes…looking forward to seeing them both. The right one will stick. As my favourite one is the one that’s away from here. But we’ll see! They’re both lovely and as soon as I move into either, I can have an excuse to have a house warming. Yippppeeee! 🙂 They’ll be perfect family homes for the Summer. I AM SO EXCITED! GIMME! GIMME! I mean, no matter what it’s a definite step up…not the final result…but another step up, That’s what life is about…the stepping. I don’t view the first one until Sunday, but I parked outside it today to have a peek. We shall see!

Did my first post surgery drive today and it terrified me. My neck still kills and having to concentrate on driving, exhausted me. Lol. I was like a feeble, terrified Asian granny, behind the wheel today and I must look rough, because when I ventured to the supermarket…where they adore me…they didn’t even recognize me, when I was stood right by them.

I’ve decided that chick friend Harriet should write a parenting book. She’s damn good at this ‘Mummy’ stuff…and I always knew she would be, even though others may have thought we’d be rubbish at it. But it seems that she has the answers to everything. I’m definitely leaving random baskets filled with Asian babies on her doorstep soon. Lol. I mean, she’s already accidentally named her book..’I just know what I want to do when I’m miserable.’ GENIUS TITLE! I usually do wine….so it’s a great help having Harriet’s advice on my Facebook stream. 🙂

Life is good! I’m feeling dandy. I’m looking forward to the lash line again, but i’m not putting too much on my plate this time. I often try to do too many things at once and that always ends rubbish. The way I see it, right now I need to concentrate on finding a house, as it would be pretty irresponsible of me to put eyelashes before a home for my children. Lol. I’m a glamour puss….but lets wait a second here and file through our priority memos.

I feel like I had all this great stuff to blog about, but now I can’t remember any of it! Shit! Hahaha. I don’t know if it’s the neck thing, the driving like a granny thing, the old thing or what?

Whatever…that’ll have to do. Can’t remember anything.

Love you.

C x



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