Groomy little hair diddles


Currently at a hairdressers in Wakefield, blogging from my phone. The hubby is getting his groom on, so to speak and dipping his daredevil still stick of danger, into the ‘new hairstyle’ pool of wonder. A pool that the Wunna-Thompson’s find creepy. I mean throw me on a show, or launch him into the army. Yet new hair is a far more terrifying. It’s vanity at it’s best. I’m sat here like a preggo glamour puss, all wide eyed and boobied…and fabulously tragical. He’s currently getting lathered and rinsed by a Sarah. Something I’m usually great at…yet my lather/rinse has nothing to do with hair washing. 🙂

We had a great night last night, one of playful innocence. Ruby was a giddy treat. My folks came around for a bit of shared takeout and Keiran and i found ourselves giggling away in bed, all childlike and topless as Baby Ruby laid fast asleep between us. It was one of those ‘no-one can get to sleep’ nights and well Rubes is currently terrified of the monster in her room. 🙂 Jesus! Being a family is just what we do best and well Keiran rolled over last night and said ‘as long as I’m with you and Ruby, I’m happy.’ Awww. Then i put a ‘do-gooding’ status up on Facebook, in order to receive gifts from a friend. I wanted gifts, yet in order to get one i had to offer out 5. #materialgirl Within seconds of me putting my status up, five people immediately commented wanting gifts. It’s part of the ‘Creative Pay-it-forward’ chain. A chain much better than one which ends with you dead. Giving is good. However, because we were giddy and juvenile…Keiran decided to monitor comments and playfully tease my fans. Great! Lol. I swear, we were tucked up in bed, topless, in the dark, on our phones, giggling like teenagers.

He then had his head stroked and after a few words of wisdom from The Wunna…he fell asleep. After trumping. I literally thought Ruby had pooed, yet it was just naked Keiran’s arse. ‘What Chrissie, I’m just chilling innit.’ *Trump-Giggles.*

I adore nights like that, it makes us lucky to have one another.

Anyway, I’m keeping it brief, as i believe his hair is done. Catch up later. When a girl gets new hair, its usually to get over some boy, stress or drama, with the need fir a new start.

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