Gossip or Brows?

Nothing could be a better combination that ultimate gossip, vodka and henna brows. That was my Tuesday evening…and with the doll that is ‘Hustle Barbie.’ 

I kinda just rocked up on her doorstep, looking like a troll, knackered from Pilates, in the rain, like food someone had just spat out. 

If you’ve followed this blog, you’ll know that I’m really good friends with ‘Hustle Barbie’ and I absolutely used to work with her, I’d say a couple years ago? I’ve lost track of time. She’s beautiful. I think she’s still vegan. She’s fun. 

We have some amazing memories of debauchery. She loves a good time! She is THE FUNNIEST once gin is added. But now, she’s all brand new, with a…. ‘split up from her old boyfriend/now have a new boyfriend & also a brand new house, job and business.’ 


(…with creepily delicious bedroom gossip.) 

Me: ‘What!?! Wait!!! Where the hell was Double B & Firmonnell? Haha. Did they not think, hey we’ve left a really drunk Hustle, with a homeless guy, sat on a pavement? Yay! Free shots! Let’s go! ’

Hustle: ‘I just looked around and everyone was gone!?! Haha. Then up came….’

Me: ‘OMG!!!!’ 

I knew straight away…. Haha. She didn’t even have to say it.  I literally cried with laughter!!! She has properly excelled herself. I’m still not over it. I am crying!!! 

Hustle: ‘Have you ever…?’ 

Me: ‘Well, when I was 20, I…..’

Hustle: ‘Oh. That’s not so bad…’

Me: ‘Oh shit! Wait! I forgot about….Haha..He was…’

Hustle: ‘Hahaha…We’ve all done that. What is that NAME!!! I can’t believe you’ve been with someone called…’

Me: ‘I can’t believe you did that!?!’ 

Hustle: ‘Has Mr. Chow pooed? I think he’s pooed. Has he pooed?’

Me: ‘Why am I fat now!!!??!!! I looked in the mirror and I look like a jelly baby! What’s going on with….?’

Anyway, we’ve had fun times and great gossip for sure, in the past. However, we also have these weird memories where I simply sat opposite her, with a barrier between us and glared at her face all day on an orange swizzle chair. 

That’s true friendship.

But back to brows. 

It was really really lovely when she swung open her door and I saw her stood there, fresh from work. It had felt like such a long, yet once I was there it was kinda like everything went back to normal. We were slumped on her giant sofa with a vodka talking life.

I really wanted to support her new business because I believe in people being brave enough to start new ventures that gravitate around the things that they love. 

That way you’re happy…not just existing and getting by. 

This is a good start and there I was laid on her brow bed. In fact, we’ve all been in the name of support. 

The more love you can give a friend when it comes to new work chapters, the better, I think? She deserves it…and she’ll be juggling a lot. I know what that feels like. She seems really happy! That made me smile.

But more importantly my brows turned out beautifully. She did and exceptional job. 

If you didn’t know I have ZERO brow game. No brows. They’re not here. Where are they though? No brows ever!?! 

I have no brows!!! 

I lifted myself off her brow bed, looked in the mirror and there they were…actual, perfectly shaped, dyed, trimmed and waxed BROWS. 

They looked AMAZING!!! I was so pleased. I’ve never had my brows done before! She could probably tell!!! 

Hustle: ‘They’ll last for 6 weeks. They’re henna. They’ll actually encourage brow growth. Wipe around them, not over them so that they last longer. Try not to get them in water.’ 

It felt really great to just lay there and be pampered after the longest day, that began with Pilates and it’s only £25. 

I had no clue what she was doing??? But when it comes to beauty. You kinda just trust ‘Hustle.’ She’s got this!! She’s beautiful & has perfect brows. I mean the first thing you do before you get brows is check out the ‘brow masters’ brows! Right? Her brow game is on point!!

The whole entire evening was just so lovely. I needed a bit of brow love. Any love! Gimme! Gimme!! 

Hustle: ‘When can we do drinks?’ 

Me: ‘Whenever now. I can’t go anywhere. I need to message Mel.’ 

My brows were amazing, yet the catch up just made it divine.

This is what I learnt…

‘Fairytale’s trying for a baby.’ 

‘Double B is….Hahah.’ 

‘Firmonnell is going through some tings.’

‘Shizzle, is still Shizzle.’ 

‘Ham Sandwich is still there.’

And, ‘Mel is really happy now and not grumpy.’ 

Me: ‘Yeah, I’ve seen Mel. I’ve done drinks with her.’ 

Then I called a taxi, with my new brows and went home. 

Hustle: ‘What did you like better? Gossip or brows?’


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