Good news for me

My pink phone has just delivered me some great news. I love great news, mainly because it’s great, and also because it makes you do a ‘happy dance,’ and superman leaps, across your kitchen! I kind of looked at my phone, as i felt it was going to ring, and about 3 seconds after my stare…it lit up, and started ‘Brrring, Brrring-ing’ at me. You know what this means…..I am officially and quite awesomely ‘MAGIC’ again!! Yee-haa! I feel so happy right now, and my life is coming together. You really can one minute, be twiddling your thumbs, and watching flowers grow, then out of nowhere be exactly where you wished to be in life. It’s amazing. All of a sudden i’m getting all these amazing offers, and i guess the Good Lord decided to pity me or something. I’m grateful of it though, and as happy as can be! I feel like setting fire to something!! I said this once in LA, to my dear friend ‘Ash, ‘ he suggested i set fire to my ‘pubic hair.’ I gave it a miss, but right now…i think i could chance it!

 I love fire. There’s nothing more comforting to me, than sitting watching the odd dancing flame, or fireworks, fireplaces, bonfires….you get the picture! It calms me, helps me think…and it’s ever so sexy!  I do despise ‘waterparks,’ though. I can’t stand 4 year olds, or grown men splashing water in my face. It’s not fun to me, and somewhat of an inconvenience. I’m only on this right now, because ‘latin lover’ (who went to a water park yesterday,) claims i hate water parks, and love fire, because i’m the ‘spawn of Satan.’ Erm, I say, lets not get too flipping dramatic here Rudes??? I’m not fucking’Guy Fawks,’ who’s about to set fire to ‘Beckingham Palace,’ (if your american it’s the residence of David beckham, and his bird.) I just and quite rightly prefer to be around a blazing furnace, than i would amongst people who like to splash water in my face, when i’m trying to sun bathe. I hate it when boys flirt with me at pools, as that’s usually how they  think they’re gonna get in my pants! I’ll be laying there minding my own business, enjoying the fiery ball of sun and out of nowhere, I get bloody launched into a pool, or flicked at with spurts of public pool water, or my vagina gets ice cubed to death. How did i get so distracted from the subject??? Anyway, i rock…i got Great news!! I’m happy!

2 thoughts on “Good news for me”

  1. beckingham palace is a lovely drum it is in my manor see all the boats live in e town. im pleased u had u have had good new chrissie i do that with me dog look at it then 2 seconds later it rings do u have a normal ring tone or do u have music. i have winston churchill doing his i will fight em on the beeches speach i love it when it goes of in front of germans i anser it all proud. u having a good day chrissie it was nicxe weather today wernt it


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