Good Guys finish last

Sitting with a guy friend who’s grumbling on about how he never gets the girl. As much as i’m pretending to listen because i’m really not too bothered by his ‘Cupid hates me’ sad sad story, it has kind of made me think. (Dangerous!) He’s a really great guy, tries a little too hard, yet the fact that he just did the ‘wallow in the pool of self-pity’ jobby, rubbed me in the face with a powder puffed cliche and said the almighty ‘Good guys finish last’ line, has made me no longer feel remotely sorry for him. (Ha-ha!)

‘Good guys finish last!’ Not with good girls they don’t! So stop blabbing on about it, and wipe those teary eyes, as no-ones gonna want to shag you, if you’re crying all the time. I always feel boys, just use that line as an excuse. The ‘Oh she didn’t like me because i was TOO NICE!’ As IF!! Girls (over the age of 19) never dislike guys because they’re ‘too nice.’  It’s usually something completely different, like ‘i’m just not attracted to him, or he’s an total idiot.’ Look into it deeper she probably doesn’t fancy you because of some other thing, that you’re unfortunately in denial about..y’know that one thing you just can’t seem to admit to yourself, even though you know inside. Don’t blame it on ‘i’m too nice.’ And i get, that people have to say whatever they have to say to themselves, in order to ‘make good’ with their head. Yet the sooner you notice it, admit it, and then sort it out…no matter how big or small the problemo may be..the sooner you’ll score CHICKS! It’s not rocket science!!

Girls don’t love assholes. We put up with (well i don’t) assholes. I guess we just want everything we have on our check list to be ticked, from the way you look, to the way you are. Most of us get our wish list. Well i do now, after ‘not getting it right’ for a very long time. From my experience, guys always GUESS how i want them to act, instead of being who they actually are, and ‘weird me out.’ (Whether they’re playing ‘i’m a total arse hole, or i’m overly nice nice.) It doesn’t work, i can sniff you out, a mile off! I’ve have dated sooooo many guys, played every game possible, made a fool of myself truck loads and done it in Hollywood, where the game is ‘ON’ and ‘long-term relationship’s’ are only in the movies. I KNOW what i’m talking about.

No boy, can ever just be himself around me. They always spin me a tale. Odd? So it must happen to most girls. I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again. Don’t guess how you should act. YOU ALWAYS GUESS WRONG!!! Girls don’t ‘not dig’ you because you’re ‘too nice.’ So hush it, and Man-up!  FYI/ I love how i managed to turn my guy friends love troubles, into an ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ story! lol…

Chrissie Wunna

5 thoughts on “Good Guys finish last”

  1. yes but u only get fragels in hollywood who are just pure cheese. i can undertand what your pal is saying some fridges find it hard to chirpse birds . but u are true about being yourself if a bird dont like u for u fuck em move on

  2. always a pleasure never a chore babe and a lot of fellas still wanna be single coz u can have your fun then go see your pals watch the footie down the boozer with out some one rabbiting in your shell the whole time lol

  3. is it aww we would have murders then chrissie coz i dont like being cased if im out im out and u will see me when u see me simple as it is


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