Gold digger

Well it’s morning and i’m writing this whilst wiping actual tears from my eyes. I had a good old weep, this fine morn, and yeah the ‘really sad’ good kind. I’m very emotional right now, and guess i needed to get a lot off my chest. So i did via tears! (woo-hoo!) Anyway i’ve started off the morning discussing, gold diggers, and whether one should marry for love, or marry for riches?? I’m completely non-judgemental on this matter, as whatever floats ya boat, what ever makes you feel ‘damn’ good, is what you should tango with. People have different pasts, stories, and muck ups, that aid their life decision making, right? However, i am (believe it or not) one that can’t marry for money!! An old man millionaire with a heart condition?? Terrible!! The pay off is not worth it. Infact i can’t marry someone i don’t love MADLY!! I don’t see the point?? I have riches, i don’t need yours. And i depise men who think you should be with them (and i’ve met plenty) just because they’re rich. I also have a mild disliking to lazy men, who don’t have any fine earned pences, or any potential to make serious riches…for someone who’s quite non-judgemental, i appear to be quite McPicky?? (haha)

So i was laying on my bed, minding my own morning business, discussing all this gold digging, Tom Foolery with my ‘Mama, and she told said, ‘You’re Aunty Lily, ended up laid naked and dead in a hut, without even any diamonds on her, because she wanted to run off with some poor man, instead of marrying the Lord her parents advised her too!!’ OH MY GOD!!! My Aunt Lily was obviously from a ‘good to do’ weathly burmese family. Weathly classy families, like their offspring to marry, wealthy classy  partners, so the families merge and make wealthy classy happiness. They made a better life for their young, so they wish for their children to kind of be grateful, and keep up the good work. So my Great Aunty Lily, (who was older and a bit ill) thinks this Lord dude, has ‘too big a nose’ for such merry marrying of her, so she kicks, screams, leaves her multi-million mansion and runs off with some young dude who claimed undying love, yet lived in a rat infested hut. He knew of her illness, so tormented her to make her even more ill. Then he eventually told her that he was shagging some other bird, who lived in some other burmese hut. She was ultimately devastated, had a heart attack and died on the spot! What did he do? He took all her belongings, stole all her jewellery, took every last piece of glitter that he could find in his hut, and then stripped her off her clothes, and left her there naked with nothing on but  jewels, to die!! Then he thought,’ Aww…bolllocks, i forgot the fucking diamonds!!’ So he trundles back, rapes her of her earrings, necklace, and bracellet…and runs off with ‘other hut girl’ to live happily ever after! Whilst my Grandfather Charlie, (Great Aunt Lily’s brother, my Hero, the Greatest Grandfather known to mankind), the richest Playboy of his time…was marrying Miss. Burma (my current Grandma,) who lived a life of sheer luxury and total ‘happily ever after’!!

So what do you do?? Love or money??

2 thoughts on “Gold digger”

  1. marrying is a proper rip of any way babe for men that is as we didnt dream of our dream wedding. but if i find the right girl i would marry for love not her lettice. i would hsve ot deal with the reception she can have the church and that how she wants

  2. love all day long but im soppy, but in places like bruma and thailand and that it is probably money AS THERE STANDERD OF LIFE IS VERY DIFFERENT TO OURS


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