Go shorty!!!


Friday was about licking, sticking, deadlines and labels. I OFFICIALLY HATE label making. I’m not made for such a job. I’m all about tits and excitement, in too much eyeliner. Label making can kiss my arse. Anyway, i clung onto the fact that i only had 6 more hours until i was FREEEE to begin my BIRTHDAY weekend. Infact, licking and sticking wasn’t that bad, because I didn’t have to do any of it. 🙂  Luckily, the day had been snapped away into minor bit of excitement and i found myself tottering around Leeds town centre, with two chicks in faux furs, escalating upward towards Harvey Nics and purchasing champagne…in the name of ‘keeping santa secret.’ We got bollcoked….so we bought chocolate.

Fast forward. It’s not night, cold, rainy and AMAZING. Friday night was spent mulling over warm cherry wine, with new people, who i’m beginning to adore and at the (oh yes) German Market. Everyone was a look-a-likey. I got accidentally trashed. Warm words, Christmas cardies, bitching, giggles, race car driving, and X FACTOR arms where performed. Then i tripped over a grown man in a German barn outfit? Everyone thought it was as if we in a tiny loving German cottage. I felt it was more like a tiny German homeless shelter. Lol. I distinctly remember looking at new friend Chris (he does codes and has a quiff) and saying ‘Why would i have all these people in my German Cottage????’

Great night, one where you wished lasted that little bit longer. However, good deeding and responsibility occured and ‘samantha’ and i found ourselves travelling our way back to the parts of the north that we reside in…Well technically she dropped me off at Asda, the Wakey one and i got a taxi home.

Then everything went pear shaped. Not sure what happened. But i decided to get really angry at ‘Handsome Keiran,’ who was away at the wedding that he chose over me. Hilarious! There were tears, tantrums, screaming and hang ups. I was on my landing in Ackworth. He was in a hotel room in Blackpool. I cried. He comforted. Then i cried a bit more. He got angry…because i was apparently being selfish. Then i broke up with him. It went like this…’Chrissie, don’t you turn this around on ME! Do you even want to BE with me…?????’

I *paused* wiped snot from my nose, looked in the mirror..then like Veruca salt…screamed ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’, down the phone. 🙂 *Hang up.*

Then weirdly my mum came around with Ruby, so i pretended everything was delicious and darling.

I loved my Ruby time. My daughter is the only thing that controls me…and it’s terrifying. I’m raising myself and boy is it difficult.

I didn’t speak to Keiran at all during the following day. Intsead, i dressd Rubes up as an elf and went Christmas shopping with ‘the Wunnas’ (which i love) followed by birthday drinks with friends, fans and previous (uninvited) fuck buddies.

Keiran had actually hid a wrapped up bottle of champagne and card in my wardrobe, expressing how much he loved me. Oops! 🙂

I texted him, hours after with an ‘I love you.’

He came back last night, after i shopped and relaized i had ordered a baby sized rocking horse, instead of an actual life sized rocking horse you can sit on. Lol. I can’t online shop to save my fucking life…

Ruby was home, so we were all awkward, odd but loving. Then my mum took her away for cuddles and WE FOUGHT. Everything was stalked out… infact screamed out. He called me ‘selfish’ and a girl that always wants to get her own way. But TOO RIGHT I DO! He does too. Why would i want to get it EVERYONE elses way! We’re far too similar to fight anymore. It ends in war! Big war. Manipulation, evil words and faux fur.

Again not sure what happened. But i went outside with a *slam* for a ponder. Came back in and he was madly in love with me and we ended up making up, popping open champagne, hanging up cards, getting into slutty red nighties and bonking by a Christmas.

Best night ever…We’re back to fairytale and MADLY IN LOVE. The thing about Keiran is that he loves me and loves me hard, regardless as to what he says. I’m more jaded than i thought..due to dating a merry string of ‘not so lovely’ boys. (Not all of you, before you all start.) 🙂 I need to remember to not take advantage of his love for me and instead whole heartedly adore him back…without being so selfish. (There you go…i said it. *Wiggle-Wink.*)

Anyway, i”ve got to go. I’m in a red nighty and ankle UGG boots. Why i hear you cry…coz bitches it’s MA BIRTHDAY!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!


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