Gnomes, Pancakes & Rest Vibes

Right, I think I’ve finally recovered from a slung-whoosh of tiredness and I’m raring to go! I’ve fully committed to enjoying the rest that I have now. I haven’t rested all year…We all know I’m shit at resting. But I reckon in life, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. You’re in those places and moments for a reason. So…you’ve just got to embrace it and get on with it, with a smile on ya face.

Decided I hate supermarket shopping. Well no! I only like it when I know where everything is? Having to hunt around B&M yesterday, whilst everyone glared at because I was in a flat cap, face mask, with tits, made it a little harder.I looked like Yorkshire/Ninja porn.

Bottom line you would think disposable knives and forks would be by party stuff, like napkins and shit…or by other chilled cutlery vibes, right? No!!! By garden furniture and GNOMES!!! Eh????

Now, I’m sweet, but I don’t have the patience for the menial tasks that life has to offer…like I once THREW out a pan because I couldn’t be arsed to wash it, after I burnt beans in it. I just bought a new one cos life’s too short to be scrubbing bean juice, off things that don’t have a heartbeat.

So I bought disposable knives and forks by Gnomes yesterday! GNOMES! Now, I don’t know who sets the shelf display up, around that place but they’re definitely bonkers enough to be on ‘Stephs Packed Lunch’ so I should whizz them a dm and tell them to get emailing in.

I don’t have anything else to tell you, other than I’m chilling, I don’t have much work in July, I’m resting up, I’ve got a mountain ton of things to promote today online and I’m alright. I’m still smiling and hoping for the best.

I tried to TikTok last night, for a bit of ‘look at me.’ As soon as I completed the video…NO, in fact half way through, TikTok deleted my video and said I had too many ‘community guideline violations,’ to be able to post such naughtiness.

I was in joggers. I hadn’t even got to the corset part yet. 🙂 It’s like they knew what was coming and ‘policed in’ before I secretly posted it ‘private,’ saved the video and put it on my insta instead. Hahahahaha.

They always have it in for me and I think it’s not fair because I’m genuinely just drawn naughty/exotic and a little bit cheeky. I can’t help it if I look like that in joggers. I’m not meaning to violate communities. It’s my normal face and manner? I wanted something to post on my insta, so my down time from actually being in sets, wasn’t too pathetically dull.

Aww! Junior’s just walked in. (I’m still in bed.) He wants pancakes. Son’s are ace because they just get to the point. Ruby (who’s just like me) would have walked in, told me how much she loves me, cuddled a little, played with my hair (which is my weakness) and then RINSED by bank account in seconds after tricking me into buying 900 fidget toys and lip balms, before 9am.

Junior saunters in, in his pants and just says…


No messing. No nonsense. The boy just wants to eat.

See you on my Insta Story…

Also, yesterday on my insta story… I kinda blamed guys for not asking me out an. But after whirling through my DMs really quick, I realised that I’d just made that up. Lol.You DO ask me out and I never respond. So I’ll deffo take the blame for that. Maybe I’m just too picky?

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