Glamour Puss

Okay, there’s no rest for the wicked i guess? Today i’m on a Glamour shoot, what i call a ‘boobie shoot.’ I’ve just got back from an odd time in London, and after a few good hours sleep, a stroke of a pussy (oooh matron) and a body that is acheing from sex…i’m on my merry way to god knows where (i’m getting picked up) to flaunt my ‘goods’ for some fine earned pences…

I feel amazing today, but i’m not loving this warm weather. In LA yeah it’s fine, but Englands meant to be cold. I’m not having it and i’m sick of being so old that my legs ache after a bit of rumpy. I quite tired and no-ones making me a cuppa tea! Bastards!! Everyone’s just telling me i’m ‘beautiful’ but aint nobody making me a cuppa whilst they do it. Booyah!

Life is good and i’m doing a lot better than expected. I had a moment yesterday, but i’ve surprised myself at how positive i really am. If u wanna get anywhere in life, a decent frame of mind and a talent is what will get you there. (Ugh, Pearce is already telling me to ‘sling it.’)

Had a guy who wanted me to party with Pharell Williams (my dream man much) last night because apparently it’d be good for me to get pictured with him. How awful!! That’s not how you get ahead in life and i hate people like that. Being on a picture with someone will not make you ‘somebody.’ I guess England is no different to Hollywood after all. We just do it better in LA!  (Tut tut!)

Well done to my Wunnerettes who are now deputy head girl’s at school. Extremely proud of you girls! Kisses…godda fly lovers. Oh and HAPPY LONDON FUCKING PRIDE!!!

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  1. u dont do it better in la chrissie lets have it right rule britania i the brest i hope u have a good weekend i feel well hungover today and i am oging to lose me wedding virginaity later have a good shoot i look forward ot seeing the pics if they are boobie pics i love seeing your new fun bags


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