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I can’t wait for the new ‘Suits.’ My favourite show on telly, if you didn’t know is ‘Real Housewives…’ (except the DC one…I hate that one because it lacks glitz.) However, my other most favourite show on telly…is ‘SUITS.’ I literally used to watch it like a hound in utter awe of ‘what will happen next.’ I sort of love men in suits, shows with witty intellectual, somewhat sexy banter…the high life…and things about lawyers. Plus, it’s sort of business glammy and i enjoy that. It evokes my inner ‘Business Barbie’ and puts a smile on my miserable face. It’s quite masculine when compared to ‘Real Housewives…’ yet i adore ‘Real Housewives…’ because I adore peeking in on luxury, women doing well in life be it by themselves or by their other halves (it’s work anyhow haha)…and glitzy, diva like banter. 🙂

I’m currently doing okay at home without the babies. I mean, I could use this time to go out and party and feel the wind on my skin as i galavant off under the night stars…but instead i’m home drinking wine and eating posh cheese, watching ‘Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders’ with a bundle of washing spinning in the tumble. 🙂 I really have having the BEST TIME EVER and the ace thing is, that i’m not even joking. I’m having a proper rest and in order to be a great business woman, mum, lover and worker…you have to recoup, you have to be fresh and be on top of your game. Otherwise you fuel down and begin to run on empty and that is NEVER SEXY, it’s like always sweating and never having a bath, boiling the kettle repeatedly when it only has a trickle of water in the bottom of it.

Oh and i’ve also got chocolate. I’m not really a chocolate eater…as I prefer crisps and sweets, but i hear it makes us women feel good. It’s definitely not better than sex. Other than that, i’m sending ‘selfies’ to people…Well…not people…just…well hopefully you’ll hear about it later. ..and texting. Dipping myself, in a cyber fashion into the world of others. (And i don’t even mean that muckily.)

I’ve decided that i need to hang around super skinny, super in shape girls, that way i’ll feel fat instead of fabulous and go on a diet. HAHA. I’m careful about what I eat because i’m knocking on now and my body’s in kinda good shape for going through pregnancy TWICE. I don’t know how. Stress helped. Lol. But yeah…I got a little happy and i ate a bunch of dinner over Christmas. 🙂 I’m usually  snacker more than a big dinner eater, but that’s mainly because like I said, it’s very rare that I ever get time to sit down and have a proper meal. A big sit down and chow. It just doesn’t happen…i’m always on the go, so i’ll have a mobile phone, a baby bottle, a quick bite of sandwich, a coffee, an actual baby, a wine or a handbag in my hand as I totter around madly, over lashes, in a weave or an updo. I never get those big sit down moments at all in life… to the point where if i do…it makes me feel fidgety and odd. But i’m learning to enjoy them.

I’ve been really proud of myself so far because i don’t think i can even believe how well i recovered and ended up doing towards the end of 2014. I shocked myself and well i’ve become a bit of a workaholic. Christmas…i worked too much. Yet, this year i’m still gonna work hard, but i’m gonna push my lash line like i’m bonkers..and with the warmest heart and eye of determination. I always get what i want and where i want to be in the end and always via hard work…or charm. 🙂 *Giggle.* Don’t misunderstand that…as I always go by my own talent and credit…and not the dodgy route to success. Take shortcuts…you’ll get cut short. Do everything the honourable way and never sell yourself short. It’s never worth it. Especially to those of you who are women in business….with talent…who are lookers. Don’t like the big guys push you around, demean you, make like they want to help you when they really want to bonk you…or laugh at you. Stand strong, stay whole and remain happy…and never short sell yourself… be honourable. You can do it! I promise!! Even with babies! Even when you think you can’t.

I’m only double blogging because I CAN tonight! I don’t usually get this much laptop time!

I’m back at work tomorrow and i’m also looking to film an ad for thsi website…and film an ad for my lash line. I kinda also want to do another set of those video interviews that i did ages ago…after I left the Hilton show. Even though i’m still really open, I’m more nervous about things like that these days and i don’t know why. Yet, I think it helps when people can not just read what i’m typing, yet hear and see me also. Interviews work well for me…because people get to actually see who I really am.

Kisses from Wunna land,







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