Give me that Forest!


So, I did it! I went with an itch of impulse and booked myself back to the forest for a week in August! Yippppppppppeeeeeeee! I mean, you all by now know how much that place means to me and mainly because it’s away from everything, i’m surrounded by harmony, peace, and nature and well….it can be as luxurious as you want it! Open air, private forest hot tubbing, with a vino! Yes please! PLUS, i always wanted it to be a family tradition. We used to always go on my birthday, Keiran’s birthday, i went when I was pregnant, when both babies were little…it’s endless. But they’ve all been key moments of my life and when I’m surrounded by the forest..and i’ve been every season, i feel safe, happy and well….just at home. I have two weeks off in August and initially, i had booked to go abroad, however, i managed to balls up the passports for the babies, meaning they wouldn’t come back in time for them to….which is a mild inconvenience…:), so that’s been sold off and now I have one week to fill and a luxury week in the forest! Everything happens for a reason…plus Junior’s not that great is blistering hot heat. I’ve been wishing to go back to the forest in AGES..and i couldn’t be happier to now know that I FLIPPING AM!!!!! Wahooo! 14 days…and counting. The first week, i’ll just take the babies everywhere and anywhere they want for baby fun, before we go. The second week will be ace enough! I seriously can’t wait, as I thought i’d have to go through the year without going, or infact, never ever going again. πŸ™ So, yeah because it’s the peak of Summer and the school holidays, it’s a pricey impulse, as the cabins are currently just over a grand. But it’s worth it and i’m so happy to have my tradition back in place. HOWEVER, i will say, that i go the week that falls on my ‘wedding anniversary,’ which is August 12th. Big day for me and I set off to the forest on August 11th. I don’t know how it’ll make me feel, as i’ll remember that that time two years ago I was getting married and that I feel pregnant and that that time last year I was being blindfolded, reliving my first date, treated to champagne and rose petalled, bridal sweets, with dinner and two night stays. Yet, the point of the forest is to focus on all things positive and well that’s all i’m going to do! πŸ™‚ The positive of it all was the fact that Β on that night 2 years ago…I fell pregnant. Plus, I don’t need to go through the whole, ‘will he be thinking about it all tooo’…as i know him pretty well…and he will.

38 23

But yes, enough of that..i’m far too sober and on my period to be okay about matters of the heart. πŸ˜‰ I’m going to the forest and well you could immediately see this glow of utter glee radiate from me.

Other than all that, yesterday I had my one on one with Ruby. That girl exhausted by debit card, to the point it swore at me, mid swipe. Yet, i’d rather her enjoy the finer things in life, as i set the standard for her level of normality. Emotionally, she might feel dodgy when she’s older….hahahaha…but when it comes to five star living, she’ll have that DOWN! πŸ™‚ (Junior crawled up to her this morning and kissed her on the forehead. They’re both super affection babies, yet there is certainly a streak of feist in BOTH of them. I like to call it ‘swag,’…but really…it’s their gene pool. Both are loving, kind, sweet and fun, yet they don’t like to be messed with and they don’t like to NOT get their own way…I have no idea who they get that from? πŸ˜‰ Ruby’s more gobby with her ‘feist’ and Junior is certainly more ‘physical’..which is crinkle i need to iron out from his system. But yeah, lots of fun.

In spare minutes i’ve been going through and working on my business plan. I’m getting really excited for it all now and well i sort of enjoy gathering people who actually know what they’re doing, in their area of expertise ans suggesting they ‘do their do’ for me! *Wiggle..wink.*

It’s gonna be a hit and i’ve chosen a decent industry to try and ‘hit’ in. I’m feeling a great deal more confident and well it was funny because I had a brief convo with a gent the other day, who doesn’ t know me too well, yet must think i’m some kind of dainty wall flower. NOT ME AT ALL. I can be gentle, when gentle needs..yet i’m a determined, ambitious chick, innit. I don’t need my hand held, unless, i ask for a bit of hand holding. I’m not scared. Once i get going, i am on FIRE!

On the love front, i’m not finding time for ‘new.’ There is so much going on like, fifty Β hour work weeks, beauty line, babies, life and everything in between…that my time is all taken up. New boys wouldn’t get that and i’d have to do the whole, ‘get to know them’ phase, which right now…would be a nuisance. Lol. I’m awful, i know, but just I can’t seem to fit in dates, love, or welcome to Wunnaland tours at all. They’d sort of need to just either know me well and ‘slot in’ with a ‘nod’ and a ‘okay then,’ or not at all, as there’s not enough hours to nurture a new love. Plus, if they don’t live the same sort of life…then they’ll never get it. I have a lot of work on right now and i’m used to dating boys with a lot of work on also. PLUS, the babies! My life is the babies…and well because of work, every spare minute i get i want to cherish with them…or drink Pina coladas in a can…on my own whilst i gather my thoughts. πŸ™‚

Hope you’re having an awesome Sunday. I am. Rubes is off to play with cousins, so The Wunna’s, Junior and I are off to enjoy the sunshine. I had to bikini shop yesterday, and it’s a nightmare for me. Yeah, i’ve lost my baby weight, which is greatness, yet i have big boobies and a normal sized booty. I can’t fit in anything that isn’t properly tailored for my bikini body. πŸ™‚ I either have to buy separates for two of the same bikini, in different sizes so i can make ONE bikini out of them. NIGHTMARE! The good thing is that I got Junior swimming trunks with jungle animals on and Ruby a flamingo and Peppa pig frilly number. πŸ™‚

Life is good and things seem to be going my way.

I’m at work tomorrow, so i’m going to enjoy my day off today!


14 days and i’m there…





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