Give me Power

I actually feeling AMAZING today. I feel feisty, sexy, and dipped in a gooey pink ooze fest of ‘oooh laa laaa.’ I guess all i needed was sleep and a Weetabix.Who knew?? I’m just a believer in ‘moving’ as opposed to standing still in time and dying slowly…because that’s what we’re technically doing…therefore i’m choosing to do mine ungracefuly. However, sometimes i forget that the jiggery pokery, the madness, the cheeky chappy elbow dancing, needs a moment of ‘stillness’ in order to really beable to hit the heights of Greatness. I want to annoy people with my sexy nuisancing, aswell as put a smile on their face. ( I mean everyone has a Chrissie Wunna tale to tell..and when they tell it, it always ends in laughter and a roll of the eyes.) Basically, for the full Wunna effect..the *sizzle* of deliciousness, needs the odd day off. Yesterday, i felt almost 92 years old. I was ready to dye my hair purple, throw my beige granny mac on and change my name to Nora. But now…(yeah yeah bitches) there’s no stopping this honey! Watch out…I’m armed with a morning cocktail and a pout that you only wish you had! Mmmmmmkaaay! (Do some Bimbo threatenning thug face here. Or abusively spank an erotic Panda, with a juicy palm of ‘ouchy.’)

Well it’s gorgeous weather, and ofcourse

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