Giggles, Work, Charity Shops & Apologies…

What an absolutely delightful week! Fair enough, we’re on Monday now, so new excitement is due to begin. However, last week (and I’m not one to dwell on the past, because I believe it’s unhealthy for a forward moving soul,) was AMAZING!

Okay, so…I had a giant audition week, last week. I felt really focused, really happy, truly inspired & well I decided to work really hard (which I actually find pretty easy.)

I was booked on 7 auditions (which is a jolly good amount, after thumb twiddling through the ‘lockdown.’ People who aren’t actors reckon you just kinda read a bunch of words off a page. But that’s not the case at all. It’s a lot of work. A whole lot of emotion. Yet a whole lot of joy! Plus, when there’s 7 different scripts, 7 different characters and 7 different ‘feels,’ it can certainly be a challenge to tinker with!

I ended up ‘booking’ 4 of them!!! What!?! As if!! I’m over the moon. I’m still waiting to hear on one. One that I really want. But they’re all films…because I guess that’s my niche now? It’s actually funny how your niche finds you. I always thought it was the other way around?

Anyway…I’m bubbling over with that kitten ‘joie du vivre.’ (I still always get so excited! I’m like a little girl, trying to embrace a 39 year olds, manner, busy and stance.)

But that’s some cracking results!!!! Haha.

I’m happy. My agents happy. The kids are happy! My mums happy! We’re all happy! It’s almost like a surge of good luck, that has been splodged in joy has overcome us!

Obviously I’ve worked with quite a few people of recent, so away from auditioning I actually had ‘meetings,’ where i thankfully (lol) don’t have to read…and on top of the 4 bookings…I was politely offered 2 feature films. (I be obviously accepted both.)

Eh? It’s just magically nuts! I can’t believe it! How has this happened?

It takes me back to years ago when I was pounding the Hollywood pavement with my headshot in hand and my resume stapled to the back of it. I loved those years. The innocence. The cringeworthy pain of moments. The glint in my eye. The time before lessons were learnt!

I actually still have the same enthusiasm. However, since then life happened. A whole bunch of shit & bad choices happened for years…However luckily that ‘shit’ 100% made me a better actor! 🙂 Both because I wanted to do better for myself and because you can’t cheat life experience…it comes through in your work.

Anyway…alongside all that…The babies, Ruby (she’s currently asleep with Minnie Mouse ears on her head) & Junior, both signed to a tv & film agent, got their little selves on ‘Spotlight,’ did 2 Self Tape auditions immediately after…Booked 1….and are waiting to hear on another that they only did yesterday.

As if!?!

But anyway…enough of the work jargon! On Friday after the wonderous hard work week , around 3pm I got a bad news text. The funny thing is that I was so filled with audition adrenaline, that it ‘hit’ me different. I was kinda too happy, (an emotion that makes us much stronger as humans) to be AT ALL bothered to absorb it.

I acknowledged it. I felt it. But then it bounced off me, after around 15 mins. I figure that’s the way to deal with personal bad news because I felt more positive than I ever had.

It was almost like I had too much ‘good’ going on, for the negative blops to be remotely relevant. That took some learning. Yet everything’s going to be okay! Roll on Oct 20th…(This is a really important date for me.)

What else?

I had a couple days off to chill, so my ‘socials’ were lacking. It didn’t bother me. Life with the babies was far grander, yet I respect my online audience (I hate it when people don’t because it’s the new way of the world,) so during moments of peace, after being out and about, lunching, shopping and loving every minute with my two little bumpkins, I eased into more comfy entire, hit record, danced for 15 seconds and posted on my Tiktok & Insta.

Weirdly my most comfy attire is when I just have bra and knickers on, or nothing but a kimono, joggers and a bikini top…just a bikini. That’s kinda how I chill at home always. So it’s so strange to me when people question my chosen attire for any of my social videos…because if anything I’ve put MORE clothes ON to shoot the dang video!?! Lol

Like yesterday I ran Ruby’s ‘intagalic’ bath in that red lingerie, one piece that I did my Brandy video to. In Wunna land…that is perfectly normal. No-one would even flinch. However I’m noticing that it’s not normal in other households maybe? Haha

I received a random Twitter DM from ‘Dbear.’ It just read ‘Hey you. X’

I didn’t really say much but ’Hope ya well.’ He’s a good guy, yet his world is filled with… I guess…problems. He’ll always be a great friend. I hope he finds his happy place.

Then that dude who was rude to me whilst I was at The Botanist…sent me 2 dms and 3 videos…again trying to apologise.

But I just remember that moment as clear as day. I remember everything he said. The way he reacted and tried to manipulate the situation to his benefit. His insecurity called me a ‘temptress.’ He called me aggressive when I stood up for myself. He tried to play the victim. But good when you’re a grown up. He was an emotional mess. I don’t like people like that.

I mean there was even a point where (hahaha) he had watched a show that I was on. A reality show… Blah. Blah. Blah. Anyway…I was given a scripted line to deliver, that wasn’t true to my actual reality. But it’s a show…I’m actor. So I did my job & delivered the line.

He didn’t know that line was scripted, so had no relevance to my actual real life…But he tried to use it, during our disagreement, in order to manipulate me. In that moment, it was the fact tgar he underestimated my intelligence that pissed me off. Like I’d fall for that?

Don’t because silly!

I ignored all dms, all videos…’Sorry’ doesn’t cut it. People can say ‘Sorry’ until their blue in the face. Realistically it’s just a word.

I’m actually by nature a soft person. So I’m quite laid back. Therefore IF you’ve pissed me off, (and I’m never Pissed off) you have properly done well at offending me.


Luckily straight after his DM’s a Wunna fan voluntarily sent naked pictures of themself to me, whilst holding my picture in their hands… Haha. I must have the most astonishing inbox. Anyway it shone light and giggles on a rather miserable situation. It was like a happy, high kicking ‘can can’ of a finale!

I have the best fans! I love you all. Genuinely! You all make me laugh, be it merry or moderately disturbing! Lol

Then I missed ‘Ry.’ He’s in OKC. (Which is Oklahoma City, Incase your shit at abrievations I’ve moi.) At least Ryan’s sane. He’s almost like a distant breath of fresh air. Imagine still managing to be a breath of fresh air even when ya miles away.


This week, i made a lot of new creative connections this week! It’s been brilliant to cross paths with so many talented people within the industry! I’ve chatted away and loved it! Be they directors, writer, artists….It’s just been phenomenal! I hope to work with them all in the future! It’s such a satisfying buzz! I love that they share the same passions! It’s a dream.

Oh my gosh! Then I came across ‘Charity Shop Sue!’

Tim Chesney (The Director) had posted something lovely about ‘Series of Light.’ I’ve joined the cast for Series 2, so it popped up on my ‘socials.’

This was at around 6.45am yesterday morning. I’m laid in bed in my pants and lilac kimono, with a smart water and 3 boxed Marks & Sparks macaroons on my bed side table.

Then oh my god, all of a sudden, after various finger pokes and scrolls, I find myself watching ‘Charity Shop Sue’ for the first time. (I know, I’m late to this.)

Holy fuck! I watched the whole damn thing. The whole of Series 1, yesterday morning at 7.27am in bed, in my kimono, as the Yorkshire sunshine shine through my window and I was laughing so hard, I was crying!

I haven’t laughed like that’s in ages. I’m obsessed. I’m hooked. I’m delighted. But I’ve watched it all now! Haha.

I mean, that has got to be one of the FUNNIEST shows that my soul has ever absorbed online!

It’s done so well! It’s produced, shot & delivered so perfectly. The talent and the cast are out of this world! The acting was outstanding…and what I could tell from watching the show was the sincere amount of love everyone involved had for it and each other. It shines through. You can feel it.

So obviously being me I had to tell everyone how much I adored it. I posted it everywhere! I followed the cast! I chatted to Director Tim. (We actually had a great chat because once I love something I always feel that I have to congratulate the creators! Lol. I can’t help it.)

He was so sweet, so genuine & well he said that I made his weekend, which always makes me beam! It was like my words meant so much to him!

I sent ‘Charity Shop Sue’ (I mean what a talent…I mean at this point of ‘fan girling’ I want ‘Sue’ to give me a ‘Tuke’ makeover.) I added all the cast I could find & sent them some Twitter love! (Love you Sheree!)

It just made my Sunday complete. I was filled with utter joy & it’s the smallest moments, that lead to other tiny moments, that create a result…that can simply fill your entire world with absolute happiness!

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