Gift 6!! It’s WORTH £100!!


Morning folks! I’ve had a loong night that was spent dazzling the bright lights of the A&E department of Pontefract hospital. I’m juggling a lot right now, with my mind all over the place. I have the babies, the giveaway, the beauty line, Christmas and The Clothes Show Live tomorrow and even though things seems stressful I am over the moon and brimming over with a glitzy excitment.

Obviously today is a busy day in preparation…so I’m going to SHOOT the NEXT DAY OF GIVING right at you with a *BOOM.*

Gift 6:



As you know I recently got a very lovely goodie bag form the darlings at The Clothes Show live…


Therefore I figured if I was Glamour Puss enough to be treated to such yumminess in a bag..then so should you!

Has anyone heard of ….




In celebration of The Clothes Show Live and the fact that I get to cover all the glamour of  it, this year here at chrissiewunna,com, I am giving away a very glitzy gift a day, every day and for 12 days!

The very kind Gods of Glamour at Monsoon/Accessorize have whirled over an AMAZING TREAT for one lucky winner, with a distinct eye for luxury.

In the name of all things ‘goodie,’ I came up with the idea of choosing some deliciously, luxurious winter and somewhat fun items…that I adore and placing them ALL IN MY BAG of ‘GOODIE’….for YOU! *Cheer here.*


In your bag…there is one of these chunky, woolly Winter knitted scarves…A definite must for cold kitten necks this season! A Glamour Puss loves to snuggle up warm under the mistletoe. 😉


However, because i’m Chrissie Wunna…of course i’ve chosen one in…


The scarf/wrap retails alone at around £30. Could be yours FOR FREE TODAY, if you’ve been a good girl or boy!

But wait…we can’t let our kitty ears get chilly…so…

You will also be treated to…


Yes! Fun fully knitted earmuffs! (The ones I have picked out for you are pink wool and leopard faux fur. 🙂 The ear muffs retail at £16….today they could be yours FOR FREEEE! (Why thank you Wunna!) Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Moving on…

Also in your delicious Monsoon/Accessorize goodie bag of glamour…you will find this….


…yes….like it could get any better…a shimmering golden, fit for any kitten purse/clutch! It retails itself for £15! It’s in the bag and ready to be WON!

Now we can’t wrap up warm and cover of ears in faux fur without a bit of ‘ooh laa.’

So i’ve also included…


These very glamorous earrings! £12


…a fun Kooky necklace. It’s actually the cream air bubble one that says ‘I heart U.’ £8



Don’t worry I have great taste in chunky wooden’s….the one I have picked IS DIVINE and worth £12.

Oh and i’ ve thrown in a beauty of a flower hair clip, simply to keep your boho alive. £6

So! Kittens!

If you wish to win my gorgeously magical Christmas Goodie Bag filled with perfectly selected Accessorize and Monsoon goodies…which is worth a yummy £100!!! CRAZY I KNOW! AND FROM ME TO YOU FOR CHRISTMAS!

Then all you have to do is answer this question…which of course a Chrissie Wunna fact.

Question: I have a small tattoo on the inside of my right arm. It’s a word and you have to guess it.

The clues are easy, so you’re lucky today! 🙂

It is the 3rd month of the year and also the *blank* in this sentence..

‘……….. to the beat of your own drum.’

Get your answer to me asap via any online channel..Tweet it, Facebook it, Email it Instagram it…just get it to me and you may have a personally picked, Monsoon/Accessorize Goodie bag under your tree this Xmas, from everyone’s favourite Kitty Claus. Me!


Jeepers! Get guessing!


Starts TOMORROW! See you there!



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