Ghetto bubbles,boobies & homework diaries

Just soaked in a fanciful tub of warm bubbles, as i thought over my actions of the day, whilst easing away my troubles. Unfortunately, my warm fanciful tub, ended up, being of the ‘ghetto fabulous’ sort, as i intended to have champagne, as i bathed (fuck you, i’m a princess), yet instead, all i seemed to beable to find was a somewhat less fabulous vodka, and fanta. I also demanded classical music, yet happened to be blessed with Flo Rida’s ‘Low’ song. Then, usually during my soak of thoughts, i have an eager eye for fresh sushi…i am aware that one may find it gross to eat, during a delicious bubbly bath bathe, yet it just helps me feel like a Princess. We seemed to be completely out of sushi, (ofcourse) therefore instead, i was given an alternative option of smokey bacon crisps!! WHAT!!!! OFF WITH YOUR HEADS…SEND IN THE GIANT ELEPHANT!!! I obviously declined, with a face like the most horrific thunder, yet now i kind of , sort of, wished i had them. There you go…how to have a ghetto fabulous bath, by Christina Wunna. I do feel better though.

So, i’ve been working hard, resting hard, and not really having as much fun as i’m use too. I was meant to go collect my ‘Bling’ that i purchased (remember) a few days ago from the jewellers, yet i happened to forget, so  now i shall have to wait even longer for my impulsive, quick fix, diamond, i bought to make me feel like a better person! Bollocks!!  Retail therapy is never worth it. What am i talking about, i’ve gone insane, it’s ALWAYS worth it!!

Okay today, I had a couple of young gentlemen, pretend they know me, then suddenly grab their imaginary boobies, and squidge them at me repeatedly, whilst licking their lips like dehydrated hookers!! They then told me to ‘Get my Tits out, ( to the theme une of ‘leeds untied are short sighted.)’ I walked up to them, they turned the most terrifying colour of blush, i asked them whether they really wanted me too? They got scared, went deadly silent, then asked whether they could have their pictures taken with me. I did, i signed their ‘homework diaries’ (hahaha.) I walked off, put my sunglasses on, and shouted ‘Thankyou,’ as my mother complained that they had made her late for posting a letter!! lol…

And all of this outside Morrisons,( grocery store) in Pontefract!! YES!!

6 thoughts on “Ghetto bubbles,boobies & homework diaries”

  1. …oh and SMOKEY BACON CRISPS RULE!!!! What the freaking heck is wrong with you, Wunna???

    …do they still do Frazzles? Can you still but those? I want me a packet of Frazzles…

  2. Yuck yuck yucky yuck … I hated Frazzles with a passion!

    I guess those pics the little brats asked to have taken with you, presumably
    on cameraphones, are now proudly posted up on their chavvy little profiles
    on Facebook or Bebo, along with some scandalously untrue comments
    about how they got it on with you! (In their dreams!!!)

    Or, is that just me being cynical?



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