Getting ON with it Dolls!



I have quite literally been the ultimate HEIGHT of productivity today! I’ve been super dooper ON IT. I’ve swaggered back into life with my Clint Eastwood *strut* of glory and I’m winking right back at life with ‘oh yes honey…I did.’

I’ve actually also been really lucky today. As soon as i’ve hit ‘indoors’ and ‘home sweet home’ with my numerous bags of shopping..only THEN did it began to rain…chuck it down, I tells ya! Yet this time and because i’m filled with positive spunk galory, the rain, the gusto, the down pour WAITED until I had fiddled with the key, got my pretty b’donk inside, kicked off my boots, put in a lasagne and grabbed an afternoon red, before the sprinkling, from the rainy cloud puffs began! Hurrah! Life loves me again. Oh and I do want to keep thanking you, as I’m still receiving such warm and lovely messages from y’all, which has not only put a smile on my miserable face, but made me realize that i’m worth it. πŸ˜‰ I appreciate the love. Oh!!! But I don’t appreciate the guy who hit on me today by licking his lips, looking at me through what seemed like his good eye, rubbing his balls and saying, ‘Aren’t you a beaut!’ Flattered? I would’ve been if he then didn’t finish his pursuit by saying ‘Sorry, i’ve got a throat infection.’ EWWW! πŸ™ This is NOT FUN! Even the pervs in Hollywood approached it with a bit more tact! Lol.

I love it all the same and whatever, fuck it…I’ve been the most productive person ever today. Work has thrived, I’ve finally managed to dedicate myself to things, as when I’m with the kiddies ‘doing important work things’ is an impossibility. My folks and brother are going to Burma for 3 weeks, so I’ve run errands for my Mum, simply because she’s still doctoring away at work and just doesn’t have the time. Plus, she’s always running my tragic errands for me. It truly is the least I can do. And then I realized that everything that I had on today’s ‘To do’ ‘DID.’ πŸ™‚ Yo DJ, Pump this party!

Now, that i’ve stuffed my carbilicious face, (still loving having a b’donk,) I’m resting, chilling, taking in the day. Why not!?! Alls going well and i’ve just got to do a bit more research for my lash line and sales. THEN I’ve got to film an audition and THEN the week is dandy, with a cherry on top. I should actually shoot for the lash line whilst I can.

Even though i’ve been a champion at ‘doing’ today, i’ve totally missed the children. I took Junior to his is cousin Holly yesterday, whilst Ruby was at Pete’s. Junior loved every second of it, to the point where he was giddy with joy!


My little niece Holly soon got sick of Junior playing with all her toys and tried to whack him πŸ™‚ He didn’t care though, he just loves to be alive does my little boy..Like his Mama. πŸ™‚



(Cousin Holly and Baby Junior)

He’s kinda used to older girls anyway. I mean what he has a very bossy big sister to deal with most days..Yet on the whole, life is Wunna land is PERFECT.



Okay, I’m off! I need to put the heat on!

I’m currently getting emails stating that I should go on Dragon’s Den. You lot are trying to put me on everything. ‘Chrissie, go on this! Chrissie, go on that!’ Lol. Whether it’s a jungle stint, a bit of ‘Brother,’ a sating show or a business panel where I would get severly humiliated, with my zero business sense. Saying that, loads of Dragons Dens rejects have done well because so many investors watch the show. Half the things you see on the shelves all got rejected by the Dragons and a bundle of the things that secured a deal, are still nowhere to be found? At the end of the day, TV is TV…and I love it. πŸ™‚


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  1. Chrissie in the Jungle doing the “shower” scene? I’d go PPV for that! πŸ˜‰

    I think with your talk of being hit on by such an awful cad you need to regale us in a blog post of some of the terrible chat-ups you got whilst in Hollywood. No names of course!


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