Getting my shimmie on..

Hottie: ‘What r u doing?’

Me: ‘Writing my name in the snow.’

Hottie: ‘Aah, it’s funny seeing what the rich do for fun. Drinks?’

ME: ‘Yeah.’ (Throws him her pink, glittered hip flask that she got for £12.99)

Hottie: ‘My darling you are the most wonderous of creatures.’

Me: Why are you making this so romantic comedy?

Hottie: Why are you turning this into a boozey weekend?

We then linked arms and galloped into the warm. I’m chipper again once more, after a bundle of messages ‘bundled’ in and told me not to be all ‘grumbly,’ as really that is not my actual purpose in life. My own tragicness made me giggle and well I realized that all i needed was a better set of heels, a vodka, and a cigarette. I had forgotten to absorb my intake of staple foods. Now i’m all good again. I think ‘taking over the world’ and tickling your son in his ‘naughty’ area are back on the cards. Woohoo! (Wazza’s tweeting me and telling me he’s doing my quite properly rubbish Ryvitta diet, but unfortunately with Oreo’s. These are the kind of people i put in charge of my website! ‘Think they’re funny’ Cookie monsters! He also fancies goths. Which is a styling concept, i never really understood.)

I’m tanning, packing and sorting out my life with one fail *swoop* of a drunken arm. My LOVELY northern ‘Time out’ has come to an end and now it’s ‘Back to work’ time. Well not right now this second, as right now this second it’s having cocktail time, with hottie, who’s currently working out infront of me. He’s dark haired and tanned and pretending he doesn’t realize he’s shirtless. It’s odd how easily turned on i am, by watching a man lift heavy things. Lol. I’m 84% sure it’s love…..Okay, no now he’ s ruined it, by placing the ‘heavy things’ down and the ‘love’ seems to have died.

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