Get rid of your clutter

It’s about 7.32pm, it’s dark, i’m all alone and i’m trying to figure out what just happened?? The lights have just been terminated?? One minute, i’m jollying away with my new mop, the next minute the lights blink out, the power does a Houdini, and now i’m confused as to what i’m supposed to do??? It’s like a dodgey teen horror movie. HILARIOUS!! If my laptop decides to run out of juice, then i’m pretty much fucked, and will tentatively wait for the guy in the scary mask, to come molest me, kill me then torment my best friend. It’s really dark. I’m scared!! I really can hear people coming to get me, with their scary big penis!!

I’ve spend the whole entire day DE-Cluttering, and thats de-cluttering…. EVERYTHING!! I, for some reason believed that it was essential that i empited the McClutter from my life, so began a tedious process of ‘throw out.’ I AM NOT a hoarder, and i hate hoarders. If i’m done with something, it’s getting lobbed in the trash, hurried out the house and sent away within seconds. I don’t keep, or hold onto any junk, and don’t understand why people do?? It’s very telling… I obviously must either have commitment issues, or ‘cold hearted bitch’ syndrome…hahahah. Some folk just can’t let go of the most randomest pieces of rubbish!!  I mean why keep that poster you once had on your wall of some ‘…was famous in the 80’s’ hero??? CHUCK IT OUT!! I throw EVERYTHING out!! If it’s dirty, chuck it out. If it’s noisey chuck it out. If it’s done with, chuck it out. If it’s old, chuck it out. If it’s alive well and kicking…still chuck it out…it gets messy. I hate clutter, so now i am almost clutter free, so i can bring in the new!! Note: I do not like boys who keep clutter. If you treasure clutter, your life becomes cluttered and i’m the cow bag that has thrown out that,  really important piece of paper you needed for work, that you kept somewhere, but you can’t seem to find. Unfortunately, i live with HOARDERS, who keep the randomest garbage? They do not know that i’ve DE-Cluttered…and kind of not just my stuff. Oops! Hopefully the ‘shit what happened to the lights’ will distract them.

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  1. u funny cow chrissie my bother is a horder i always mug him for it i dont like to keep thing just some times i cant be arsed to throw it out it depends on my mood. if u are realy scared i will come look after u babe/ i hope u have still hgad a good day treacle take care chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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