Get out of my way

So pissed off right now. Just got into a massive phone arguement with ‘Latin Lover.’ Jesus! He’s sooo dumb. I almost can’t bare it. I’m getting more and more frustrated with his lazy ways and his inability to really sort anything out without the aid of an army of people, that it’s really making me never want to talk to him. It’s a drizzly turn off. He can’t seem to do or organize anything at all. He just fumbles around, hoping someone will sort it for him. And that quality in a man (for me) is disgusting. I hate that. He never impresses me and i desperately want him too. I need him too. As of right now i’ve just had enough. It’s driving me insane and getting in my way of ‘good times.’ So annoying. Don’t get me wrong he’s loving and sweet, but really that’s not enough for me and it’s NOT! I need to be impressed. I need to have a counterpart that i respect. I’m just annoyed right now, so i’m narking on…but really it is quite true. I want ot be amzed by the men in my life. AMAZED! Dazzled! ADORED!

I’ m a difficult person to date, as i never do what i’m told, or never find anyone good enough, or right enough, or just a good balance of things. I’m an arse, but i’m a decent balance. It’s hard for me, as the intentions of  the guys i meet  is usually not too dandy. They are always one thing or another, yet never it all. And i need them to be it all. I do, as i’m pretty happy, as a Single girl.  I love doing my own thing. I’m the epitomy of the modern day ‘Independant Woamn.’ Never one that needs to be attached to a guy at all times. Infact, they usually just get in my way, or ruin my fun, or try and control my life, or use me for popularity. I’m always tripping up over them, having to push them out my way and i wish that they would just be ‘right.’ |Be amazing! I’m known to be selfish and hobby boys whenever i please. But really that’s just how i like it right now, because everyones failing to impress me. They are falling to pieces around me, or can’t take the pace. As soon as it doesn’t work, or they don’t understand…then it’s curbside. I’m not one to settle for just ‘whatever.’ I’d rather be with no-one than be with some ‘didn’t tick all the right boxes’ half wit. (Okay, now i’ve got it off my chest, i do feel a bit bad for making him cry now.) I need to go to bed.

Chrissie Wunna

3 thoughts on “Get out of my way”

  1. Oof, sounds like you had to go through some drama.

    I guess chill out a bit. Talk to him tomorrow night to and see if there is something that can be done. If nothing happens after that then, I guess it just doesn’t work out.

    Oh and I left you some questions on the “Ask Chrissie” section. I think you will find them very interesting, and hopefully a little thought provoking.

  2. u are hard work aint u i reacon u are murders when u have got a streop on but u make up for being the guvna when in a good mood and a lot of fun


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