Get Digging

Finally home after a long, but really great day at work. I didn’t get too badly bollocked and infact my mild telling off worked wonder ons me. I found myself actually working harder than ever before and weirdly doing really well. I feel like i’ve been productive and achieved something after all. Who’d a thought? Thank God for cleavages though. I sure as hell uesd mine today to attempt to make my bollocking less jazzy. Both Karen and I were all nervous for what may lie ahead. However, my boobs and good hair day protected me from the getting severly yelled at. Oh and so did my (well what Karen calls ) my ‘Puppy dog’ face. It’s the bimbo-happy- but mildy lots face i do, in order to look less bitchy. 🙂

Oh the whole. Great day!

Friday has now kicked in. Baby Ruby ha sher ‘Grandma’ night tonight, leaving Pete and I to what we call ‘DATE NIGHT.’ As of right now it’s been thoroughly romantic. We’ve managed to get the boiler fixed and have a converstion about lightbulbs and pooing.

Luckily, i’ve purchaes a bottle of wine and it’sfinally been cracked open. I did it with a karate chop. When you’ve worked a hard day, there’s nothing like karate chopping your way to a bit of a cabernet love moment.

I’ll tell you how it went later, when we’ve decide where we’ll dine over lovey dovey eyes. I had my friend Matt try to do magic tricks on me today and then swear over the fact that he kept getting it wrong. Add talk about hair extensions, love resect, new house, alongside the art of ‘trying’ to look bus. You have the rest of my late afternoon.

Wonder what we’ll do tonight? But first my dollies it’ s shower time. (I’m getting a flashback of Karen and I doing impressions of us performing comedy sx, in pretend nipple tassles. I did ‘ooh’ face sand she committed to a husky, ‘yeah baby.’ I learn a lot of Karen, who hails from the wonderful age of 5o something. When you get older and comfy in your relationship you kinda don’t do sexytime as much, because you just can’t be arsed to put ya back out. However that’s only when you’re a girl. Boy’s be they 15 or 50…will want it forever. Karen claims that if her hubby comes back from golf and he’s not completely tired, she immediately sends him and his boner into the garden to do some digging. Apparently works a treat. I’m gonna try it on Pete. ‘Oh you’re not tired. Well here, we need a shed building so get out there and dig.’ 🙂

Can’t wait for Date Night!

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