I’m exhausted, yet had a Wunna Wonderful day. I guess, my ‘Va Voom’ is working, and i’m deciding to milk it like a champ!! Work is good, life is Great, and my dads little ‘whoop dee,’ has made me grateful for every minute, i have alive. You will no longer hear me moan about how shit my life is, unless ofcourse it is shit…lol…) but i doubt it, i’m full of ‘Va voom,’ right now!! (Milk it Betty-Ann.) I’ve got lots of boobie shoots, and new exciting adventures on my plate. I’m ‘happy’ dancing, strutting, being a cheeky sex-kitten and well Jesus…i’m lucky as fuck, right now!! Wooo-hoo! Bring the girl champagne!! I also got stalked by  GIRL today, but luckily she told me she was deciding to stalk me. I also managed to wear the most inappropriate hospital clothing. I made the old men happy….or have another heart attack!! Either way, my knockers rocked!!

I don’t have anything to report, as all that i have signed to do, i am forbidden to talk about. Sucks really, well kinda not for me, because i know all the things i’ve luckily managed to pull out of my arse!! But ah well! I will tell you that, a wizard was driving me around the streets of Ponty, whilst i was bullying him about his choice in women, and a random, i can’t explain ‘fetish’ he has for Goth girls, and as we’re stuck at a junction, a merry white van thing. …Well it was a car? No a van? But whatever it was kinda both, decides to pull infront of us, with the word ‘G-UNIT’ plastered on its side, funniest thing i’ve seen and we get a little 50cent excited, and start doing hip hop dances in are head, plus N.E.R.D was playing the car. He’s a ‘wigga’ (can i say that?) So we’re screaming at how cool this random pontefract ‘G-unit’ dangermouse looking van thing is…(shut up we were tired and bored.) Then it makes a right turn, only for us to find out that it was actually meant to say, ‘DOG UNIT.’ The ‘D’ and ‘O’ had bloody fallen off!! Hhahaha!! So it wasn’t really anything to  get all ‘candy shop’ excited about. It was a chuffing DOG UNIT, cleverly disguised as 50cents dangermouse car? It’s a rather misleading advertisment….or the ‘Wizard’ and I are just DUMB. We’re idiots!! (well he is.) Then he drives me to a construction site, thinking it was a hospital for ‘Stroke’ patients, as my father lays on his back desparately awaiting the arrival of his daughter (shit, that sounds dirty…hahaha) …i need to get better friends! It’s lucky i didn’t end up under his patio!! Belinda’s about to get evicted from the Big Brother house. I love this whole new ‘boo-ing’ thing people are doing as the contestants leave the house. Horrid!!  The Brits are so ‘jerry springer’ now. Next they’ll be yelling ‘ You’re a SLAG,’ repeatedly in unison!! Calm down my cherubs!! Actions speak louder than words….throw Eggs!!


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  1. or spanners chrissie. it is wrong we are getting all melodramatic like the sceptics. im pleased u had a good day and that your dad sounds like he is getting better . congratulations on all the work u have got chrissie take care chrissie tada scratch


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