Fun, Being Old and Cobbles

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(I wrote this yesterday, but fell asleep on the sofa, with my pink laptop on my chest and a Desperado by my side. ‘Mob Wives’ was on in the background. Ready…set…go.)

You know when you just have one of those fun, drinky blow outs with new people, who have become close to you, simply because you’re lucky AND because you live your same ‘day to day’ with them, where you’re part of a team that wants to SMASH IT LIKE CHAMPIONS. You’ve had a busy week…you’ve got through it with smiles and an unconditional bond, a thread that weaves through each being you’ve shared this time with, with trust, laughter and hard work…THEN you’ve smashed it and you’ve achieved with bells on and corporate buns…Well in our world, this means get drunky! 🙂

We did! We did drinks. We got drunk. We celebrated and had the best fricking time EVER…and all at the same time we BONDED. I’m loving every single moment of my new chapter and I know i always say it, but i honestly couldn’t be luckier.

Without telling you too much…there was the most AMAZING Beyonce  to ‘Single Ladies’ dance off with a guy, on a dance floor, who even wedged in a back flip into his routine to attempt to win the shimmie. (I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the Beyonce dance off, i was in awe…If i ever loved a girl, it was in that moment. It wa so good, i was pissing myself, whilst thinking, ‘this should be a show.’ HAHAH.) There were talks about marriage, skid marks, ironing, dating, boys, matching underwear, matching ail varnish….Tinder…life…work, one of us got (UNCALLED FOR) slapped by a Lesbian and went home in tears, someone ‘offered’ an associate of ‘the Lesbian slapper’ out, and I got PICKED UP and flung a bit. Lol. I did cocktails afterward, so i wasn’t that bothered.

There was laughter, drinks, nachos, drinks..sunshine, glass clinking, late night cocktails under the stars, people thinking lemons were limes, pitchers…banter, work talk, honesty, weird guys, good guys, gossips, determination, laughter and dancing in bars, on cobbles, in alley ways. BOOM!

Just an amazing night. A night that we didn’t really know the result of. Yet, they’re always the best. There was prosecco swigging, calf stroking, girls, boys, acquaintances…chitter chatter, madness…excitement, calm..joiners (Ben came and met up with us all) and from that point, it turned chilled, turned chatty and we drank more cocktails under the night stars.

Lots was said, in an open fun bliss. All of us are pretty direct. Pretty ambitious. Pretty good people. I drank my drawer booze, i danced…I ended the evening with Desperados down a Malt Shovel alley way, on the cobbles, and then a box of chilli cheesy fries at we added more banter, talked about willies not working and finger nails. *A gentleman always has great fingernails.*

Today i’ve been shattered…but got up anyway to spend time with the babies and take them to lunch. I’ve been at The Carleton all day, doing steak and chattering in the breeze and then sun, as the babies ran around blissfully like the didn’t have a care in the world.

Sweets, gin, laughter, love and then Ollie walks in in a FLAMINGO SHIRT that ONLY a girl like moi could appreciate! IT WAS AMAZING.

Time wrapped up…and I was glad to get home in my comfies. I’m far too old for the Bank Holiday party. Don’t get me wrong, i’m social, i’m more fun than anyone…yet when you’re old, you’re old…and when you’ve done it, Tshirt in check…you’ve done it. I love nights out…but t doesn’t half knacker e as i balance it with work and mummyhood.  I think i just want to settle down now…I’m feeling really happy right now, and when you do, great things happen! *Wink.*

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