Full of Va Voom

‘Less is more,’ is the term that i am trying to put into action. You’ll find out what i’m rambling on about some other time, but for right now, Chrissie Wunna takes on ‘less is more’ and makes it work for her. Spent most of the day sat in a hospital canteen, after sitting in a supermarket canteen. This is gonna make me sound really terrible, but i can’t eat brunch in a supermarket canteen, surrounded by grannies picking egg out of their dentures, and all other kinds of riff raff that either hasn’t seen sunlight, or doesn’t care to take care, in their personal appearance…and rather scratch their nuts 72 times, and stir their coffee with their finger. Infact some people smelt like feet! Smelly ones! Made me feel sick. At least it aided my diet, yet ‘COME ON’ people of Yorkshire!! There are some right Quasimodos, and people with Bad Manners!! You can’t be both. It just doesn’t work out in the long run.

Other than that Hospital canteen was excellent. I saw the Hottest guy, in a suit, hanging around and being all dreamy. I love men in suits, it makes me all warm in places that should frequently be visited. (wink) He fancied me too, but all we did was exchange ‘i fancy you’ glances. It’s always awkward hitting on people around sick people on wards. It feels a bit wrong and selfish…y’know like you should be tending to the sick person you visited, who could’ve died last week, instead of testing your ‘mojo,’ on a hot piece of ‘Ooh-laa.’ Ah well, it was fun exchanging ‘i fancy you’ glances. Other than that not much else to report. I’m doing a show, i have some major auditions coming up, i’m still 5ft 3 and counting, i’m good at crosswords now, and i had a pretty decent conversation with my mum today, who told me that she believes in me 100% and will do whatever it takes to help me make my dreams come true, as she just KNOWS i will get there in the end!!!Aww…! I needed a confidence boost, and no-one can quite get it right, like your mum can. So now i’m focussed, full of Va Voom, not cheating on my diet, and feeling strong like bull. I’m invincible! I can do, and make ANYTHING happen. ANYTHING i so wish.

Watch this space.

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  1. old girls are the guvna aint they . good luck with your auditions chrissie u should do realy well babe and your mum is right u should believe 100 percent in yourself chrissie u are mustard and remeber u are magic. i aint ever stopped in yourkshire whats it like ? have a great weekend chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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