fuck it

Still up and it’s past ‘Cinderella’ hour. Although i’m not turning into rags, and my carriage is definitely not a pumpkin, i’ve probably managed to lose more than one slipper at a ball. Anyway, the only reason why i’m still awake is because i’m waiting for itunes to decide to download onto my latop. I have about 1hour left of this lengthly proceedure, and i’ve come so far, that i can’t turn back now. ‘Save the last dance’ has been keeping me company during this ordeal. Great midnight movie. It’s full of dreams coming true, motivation, and young fresh love. I miss young love. Y’know how it is when you fall for the first time with someone new and feel a gush of excitement run through you’re body. Maybe i’ll have that again sometime? I can’t wait. Other than that my download is currently 69% complete…hilarious, and i’m surprisingly not very tired for  a girl who’s usually tired by now.  I’m a bit paranoid, that my dieting is gonna make my boobs go all weird and ‘not the right shapey.’ OMG, as i’m writing this blog, my downloading is completely fucking up, and is now not downloading at all. Good times! Fuck it… I hate technology. At least i can get some ‘shut eye’ now, and dream of ‘young love.’ I think i’m going through, ‘i need a hero’ syndrome.

3 thoughts on “fuck it”

  1. i dont have a fucknig danny what isp means babe i tunes can do your head in i loaded the new hed kandi on and lost most of the songs i bought of them i wanted to punch bill gates in the mui the silly prick but then i realised he’s microsoft so sorry bill its mister apple who is the fragel


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