Fry ups, Cougars and Tack in Pink

Wonderful day of Power dressing! It’s funny how you DO feel better than everyone else (haha) when you ‘Power’ dress. Everyone treats you so differently. I love it!! I also managed to stuff a full English ‘Fry-up’ (get it down ya love).. in me today, which is probably gonna make my waistline suffer, in the sort of near future, but who cares…i love stuffing my asian face with bacon, eggs, hash browns, and heart disease. Hit’s the spot, makes me horny. I’ve felt a bit ‘ooh arr Daddy’ all day actually, no joke! There must have been something in my beans??

Well i’m home now, and should be resting, i’m excited for the future, yet have to stop, wait and do ‘puzzled’ face for a second, as i seem to be distracted by the ‘Linda Hogan (Hulks ex-wife) and 19 year old boy’ relationship. Eww!! Soooo gross! Linda, who is a toss up between a fat Donatella Versace, or an extremely aged Barbie doll..and cracking on 48 years of age…with the lines to prove it and all that jazz, (sorry Linda, it’s the illuminous orange lippy) is frolocking on a beach with her new 19 year old, overly tanned, boyfriend..who just looks like a 19 year old version of her ex-husband Hulk, but a lot dweebier and WAY too young for anyone let alone an ‘almost 50’ year old!! I’m extremely open minded, (lol) so i know it’s just GOT to be wrong, as it’s making me do a ‘cringe’ face. What is going on there?? It just looks odd?? I bet they have good sex. So grossly hot. If it lasts, they’re both sickos!

Anyway, as much as i love ‘Blu-Tack’ because it aids tacking, sticking, and well you can make Smurfs out of it. Today, (whilst pointing a red laser at someones arse in a bookstore, that read ‘Happy Hour’ continuously without his knowledge), i discovered ‘PINK-Tack!!’ OH MY GOOOOOD!! I love PINK-Tack!! It’s ‘Blu tack,’ but Pink…GENIUS!! So i’m spending the evening Pink tacking EVERYTHING i can possible TACK in PINK!!  I should probably start with my life. I wonder who invented it?? (and i do mean, Pink Tack, and not my life…as we all know i was created by Drunks!!)

1 thought on “Fry ups, Cougars and Tack in Pink”

  1. u funny cow chrissie u do make me laugh babe. im pleased u had a good old fry up down your ribs i love em especialy with black pudding. im pleaesed u have amused your self with pink tac babe i think i will stick to the blue one cheers. it is weird her and another geezer as the hulk i alegand and she was moany cow the other geezer is only there for the doe and the fame as she is butters


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