Frisky, Flirty & Fabulous

Hello, my delicious dips of fabulosity much, I’ve just got back from watching IP seats were fully booked up and until MONDAY! Ugh…long much. Yet you know me…i’m not bothered. I’ll muck in. *Pout*I’m currently feeling flirty, frisky and a whole lot of funnage.

I got distracted didn’t i? Anyway…yeah…back to rambling…I’m also the kinda girl who avoids going to the cinema…i haven’t been in ages. Not because i don’t like it, but secretly because it reminds me of my ex-hubby. I don’t know why it does? (Apart from the fact that a great deal of our marriage was spent watching movies and well he is an actor.) Once i’m in the movie theatre and the lights go down…i begin *flashbacking* and yeah…this evening was NO exception. I thought about him some of the way through it. Not good thought, not bad thought…just still thought. A lot of the movie reminded me of my past. Yep…now, i know why i don’t like to go to the cinema. Woohoo! Lol. I started to fill up all inapropriately and make a prize twat of myself. However luckily the film would throw me a *funny bit*and the teary fill up, immediately turned into laughter…and we all know we LOVE my laugh! 🙂 I’ve cried twice today. This morning, i laid in my bed in my pyjamas and my mum laid in my bed with her pj’s. We had one of those Mother/daughter talks, where i discuss how i feel about things. It was one of those ‘we really love each other’ moments. I’m a lucky girl. I have a wonderful bringer upper. My mum looks at Me like i’m the champion of the world. (And i am…but drunk and a bit of a slag.)

Anyway to make the evening more comedy…most people saunter out the cinema a little bit ‘oooh,’ a little bit ‘aah,’ a little bit worn or a little bit excited. Most need a wee, most are doing their hair, and the rest are looking for the people that they came in with. I totter out screen 8…not being able to walk properly due to drunkardness. (I had been drinking in the day over mexican food.) I wiggle toward a wall, realize i had accidentally had my phone turned on the WHOLE way through the movie, and didn’t know…looked at my Black Berry screen and i had a voicemail awaiting me.

I get terrified of voicemails, not leaving them…but hearing them. I get a lot of them, due to the fact that i seem to not beable to find my phone in time when it rings. *Rummages in clutch.*Anyway, yeah most people will get a ‘hey it’s [enter friends name here]..i’ll give you a call later.’ I got DJ TALENT, singing me his DJ talent song merrily and saying he just wanted to say ‘hi’ because he hasn’t caught up with me in ages. He ended it with shouting ‘Byyyeee from DDDDDDddddddddd JJJJJJJJJ Taaaaaaalent!’ Then i got Ben and Jerry’s, tried to shake off my hangover, got home, got showered and listened to BBm voice notes from Jonny. Oh and i don’t like boys that name my vagina ‘Cookie.’ Like i tweeted earlier…surely ‘Bitch’ will suffice. It gobbles up humans with ATTITUDE. ‘Cookie’ ain’t gonna cut it. (Mmmkaaay!)

This afternoon, when it was raining all around me, Loverboy (aww we love Loverboy) came to pick me up in his new car to take me to lunch. We opted for a Mexican, and a couple cheeky drinky poos. I got drunk. I even felt it. (‘Felt it’ was in the booze and not as in tickled his ‘churro’…that came later. 😉 ) I ordered the steak fajita, with tequila cocktails and he ordered this crap duck wrap thing that he spat out into a yellow napkin, after every chew. He didn’t like it at all…but tried to pretend it was alright. I’m the exact opposite, if i don’t like it EVERYONE will know. (‘I hate this fucking shit!!!’ Wiggle-Wink. Aren’t’ i lovely! 🙂 ) When i’m a bit tipsy, i do Mexican quite well. I’m like fluent spanish after tequila. Yes, i know right. I even amaze myself.

We were alright today. Having fun, being normal. But i’ve decided to step up my game. Pete’s great..he loves me. He wants me. He’s good to me. I love him. I’m good to him. I want him. Yet sometimes you have to make sure a boy keeps on his toes.  I mean…you don’t want them to get too *comfy wumfy*…because that’s when they begin the process of  ‘slacking.’ He hasn’t begun his yet…but i’m stepping up my game anyway…as a safety guard. I like to get treated like a Princess. I treat myself like one…therefore i want to make sure a boy will FOREVER and not just in the merry beginning. 

Currently i’m feeling all powerful and sexy. I’m all confident, full of life, dashed with ‘ooh laa’ and armed with a pretty popularity. I loving it, in every way possible. But why wouldn’t i! Being the Ultimate Glamour Puss is marvelous. I’m making a baby name for myself, my reputation will never ever let me down, (yes it’s soiled and yes it’s GREAT! I mean it’s funny how you can commit to doing, all this inappropriate naughty deliciousness…yet if you sprinkle it all with glitter, a wink AND a killer outfit…oh and maybe tits…you become a LEGEND worth worshipping! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!) Gimme! Gimme! Got it! MUCH!!!

We had a great day…i got really drunk. I hated the rain and pointed at a gypo, who was wearing a hot little pink lingerie number in the down pour. I told her i thought she was hot…and she shyly thanked me. Got i must have been wasted! We made out in the restuarant. We do, all the time. Then he drove me back home, after feeling up my lady parts with his man hands, during a kissy kissy. Oh Dollies, we were pissing ourselves at how ridiculous we must have looked, sat in the car, in a big family parking lot…snogging and fondling. In the end we couldn’t even kiss for laughing. He kissed me with his eyes open. *Tut tut.* But OMG, on the way home we sang and danced over joyously to ‘Lets get ready to rumble’ by Ant & Dec! Our car was popping man! HAHA. We did actually love it. Hilarious!

Now, i think about it…it must be hard for Pete, dating me. But to be honest, he is getting ballsier…and at the same time, he thinks i could pass for black. 

I’ve godda go…i need a pain killer. Love you Kittens! LIVE IT!


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