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Great day yesterday! Alongside fighting for what I believed in and all girls should. I mean, don’t ever let anyone make you think that you’re weak and have no right to an opinion or that anything is your fault…simply for being a girl. Also know that no-one ever has to explain themselves. It’s just a trick people use to make themselves feel a bit more mighty. Lol. (However, there are times when ‘anwsers’ are good. I’m one to never ask for an explanation, simply because it’s boring. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย And sometimes people really truthfully don’t have one. Answers like ‘Idiocy got the better of me’ are suitable. Don’t think that they’re not.) But yes, i’m feeling great and filled with ‘umph.’ (That sounds rude.) And i’ve learnt that in life you have to be able to not just forgive people for things, (i’m a grudge holder) but also have the actual ability to FORGET things. If you keep reminding yourself of things, you never put them in the past. In order for good forward moving happiness…and if you need to forgive a being, you have to forget the bad things. Plus, you’re negative if you can only remember the bad things. Who does that! ๐Ÿ™‚ (All of us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bad habit.)

ANYWAY, alongside all that, I thoroughly enjoyed my Ruby/Mummy day yesterday. She wiggled through it all in a MInnie Mouse onesize, we lunched, we did supermarket shopping and she tended to the garden for 2 minute before manual labour bored her. Lol. Great day, but i cannot believe firstly how fast baby 1 is growing up and how much of an actual, real life, hardcore (in both a good and bad way) Ruby IS! That girl is the bossiest midget you will ever meet, but only around those she’s closest too. Lol. I always said i wanted a feisty girl and a loving son. I have both. But holy moly…feisty is not the word and the hideous thing is that she certainly must get it from me, as Pete is as passive as they come! HAHAH. I even have to Hollywood gangsta ‘YO’ at Ruby to make her stop doing things when she goes nutty. But on the whole, what an amazingly loving fay. She’s turning into a glamour puss and turning into her mother already. (Poor thing.)

Junior’s dandy. Broke my ‘no food in bed’ rule this morning. Lord knows how but he smuggled in a pack of Digestives…choccie ones and ate his way through them IN BED! AND with his foot in my face! I’ve realized that the best thing ever is raising a boy because you as a woman can raise him to be the most lovingly, respestful to women, boy ever. You can teach him how to be decent…and from a girls point of view. It’s ace! I love it. My little boy is gorgeous and giggly like Buddha. I don’t know who he gets that from, but he sort of reminds me of my Dad…when he’s drunk. My Daddy goes giggly like Buddha.

I’ve got a big work weekend ahead of me, so i’m getting ready for it and strapping in. I also have a photoshoot and a lash line meeting..with a dose of babies. I’m excited, loving life, rocking an up do, living off coffee and loving YOU,

It’s Keiran’s birthday today…and he turns 30. Yep, he ventures into my age box. We’ve texted about talking, which is good because we never really have. Not properly. He’s partying his way into 30 land, which is what any man needs really, they don’t take getting older as well as women. They like to pretend it’s not happening. I’m working through the whole weekend, aside from Sunday, so I can’t really do anything celebratory, yet I don’t feel bad, i mean each birthday i’ve bought him luxury forest holiday retreats, i’ve had a trumpet fanfare show up at the home to play ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. I have had a barber shop quarter knock on the door, filter into the living rooms and sing birthday songs at him. Lol. Massages. Champagne lunches. The list is endless…pressies galore…cakes…candles…surprises.

I can have a year off.


Have a great Friday!

Have a good one. It’s fricking Friday!






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