Fresh as a Daisy

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We’re here in 2015. Clean slate. Fresh start! Time to do everything we always wanted to do and make our marks on this disco ball of earth glow!

I’m currently at work. I stayed in all night drinking champers, chatting to loved ones, people I fancy and making home movies of Ruby and Junior doing life and snacking, as fireworks went off in the background.

Loads of people i know just did house parties or went to bed early. Lol. Sooooo, you lot won’t be feeling so bad, unless you did the ‘house party stay over’ meaning you’ll now have the ‘walk of shame’ to deal with, which truly isn’t a problem…it just sucks when it’s freezing and if you dress moi…it’s not the most comfortable way to wake up and begin your fresh new year! I quit being reckless on New Years Eve after I did that awful 10am in LA drive back from the club, with my roomate at the time Justin.

We were so messed up…soooooooooooo messed up and still partying at 10am. He was driving us home, it was sunny, we were still fresh from the club floor…it was dreadful.

That moment in LA i never wanted to repeat…and since then…I never did. 🙂

So, hopefully you’re feeling as fresh as a daisy. Incase you’ve fallen in love with beer goggles on and ended up waking up to ‘not as nice in the morning’ pastures…roll them out of bed and make yourself a bacon butty, If you’ve ended up at there’s…run.

If you’re hurting with a hangover…sleep the rest of it off now. Count today off as a ‘dud’ day and just begin it all from tomorrow.

All the rest of us should be happy.

If anyone else is currently at work, then well done you…you made it in! I finish at 4pm and then have two days off that i’m going to fill with FUN…so it’s not so dodgy at all…being responsible always makes me feel sexier. Lol.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Hope you’re all deciding what resolutions you’re going to make.

Like i said, i believe it’s better to take something on, than it is to quit something for the new year…

I haven’t figured mine out…but i will…

So for now…love it, live it…and laugh. (I honestly can’t believe how many of my ‘Happy New Year’ greetings ended with the word ‘Slag’ yesterday! HAHAHA. I have awesome friends! And my good friend ‘Booty’ even called me to tell me that my behaviour was somewhat appalling and that i such really be ashamed of myself. HAHAHAAH)

I love it all really.

Big GIANT kisses,

C x




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