Four Weeks to go…


Happy Sexy Monday folks! I enjoy Monday’s when they’re not so bad and I’m only counting this one as ‘not so bad’ simply because when I rose my my cream sheeted bed sheets, the sun was glowing through the curtains with an ooze of warmth and love. Made me feel better. Like there was a purpose to all the jiggery pokery going on right now on this juicy ball of Earth.

Yesterday was all about the giant shopping centre that we call ‘Meadowhall.’ Ruby is ADDICTED to that place. Holy Moly, she attacked it with a whammy much. That child played gleefully in every toy and shoe shop that would have her. She was hopping on giant bunnies in Mothercare, pushing buggies around isles, screaming in inflatable cars, calling watering cans ‘kettles’ and all in BabyK leopard print leggings. Ruby has ‘swag’ yesterday. Absolutely ‘Ooh laa.’ I mean she looked so good in her leopard print leggings designed by the lovely Myleene Klass herself, that I sent Myleene a photo of Ruby in them, simply because the BabyK line is honestly the BEST LINE of baby clothes going. Myleene sent us a message back saying that ‘Ruby rocked them’ and made an ‘AWESOME BABYK MODEL.’ Myleene is the lovelies chica ever, full of life, talent and happiness…whenever i’ve met her she’s lit up the room with warmth, simply by smiling,. That’s the kind of magic all women need. Plus, now i’m completely biased because she told me that my loin fruit ‘rocked’ leopard and made a good BabyK model. BOOYAH! It’s not my fault that I breed genius children and style icons, in the form of ‘IT’ Babies.

I got asked out yesterday by a guy, a cute looking guy, that cut cookies for a living and that isn’t code for something Hi-Tech or complex. He literally takes cookie dough and cuts them into shapes…like men, trees, bells and hearts. 🙂 I thought I’d mention it because I still find it funny. I’m flattered…deeply flattered. Glamour pusses are always flattered by gentlemen. The good kind of men, who approach us in a romantic fashion..even if you have cookie dough smeared down your apron.  Plus, when you’re fat and preggo, you kind of enjoy that men find you beautiful. When i’m skinny, tanned and sizzle, i’m a lot more of an egomaniac…so the flattery is absorbed in more of a sassy bullet. It just hits you, you smile and you’re over it. When you’re waddling around wishing to be sexy again…you kind of absorb the flattery lovingly, with doughy eyes and a whole grateful heart. So yeah, sweet guy. But first, it’s a bit weird to hit on a chick going into her 9th month of pregnancy. (He knew because it’s obvious AND plus I told him by a gingerbread house that I was due in May.) Secondly, although sweet, it’s far too Hansel and Gretel for me and that’s the whole cookie cutting malarky, that i’m referring to. It’s taking ‘fairytale’ to a whole other level. I enjoy the whim of a ‘fairytale’…not actually living in a house made of candy canes and gingerbread. I like bling, Porsches and big money magic, dipped in glitter and lip gloss. Free cookies is probably going to may make me like you, but will never be the sole factor when it comes to swaying me in to loving you. Lol. (My Mum actually turned me around, as we walked off, leaving him glum and without a glamour puss to build a cookie empire with and said, ‘Just because he cuts cookies doesn’t mean you’d have to live in a GINGERBREAD HOUSE Chrissie.’ 🙂  ) Then we giggled our way back into the real world. What guy has a crush on a preggo? Keiran might annoy me sometimes, but even at his most annoying I still know he’s my ‘forever.’ We were just formed for one another.

Y’know, psychologists say that crushes are only mean to last 4 months or less. If you find yourself still ‘crushing’ on someone AFTER an entire 4 months…then you are considered to be ‘in love.’  AAh! Bet you didn’t know that, did ya!

Keiran and I are doing really well right now. Now i’m not gonna lie, there is certainly some kind of glass screen between us, where we can see and hear the other, yet we’re not fully linked. We’re sort of closing up or shying away from the other. He definitely has and I think this whole upcoming baby situation is really working on him emotional. Now, Keiran’s an emotional guy. A great deal more than anyone can imagine. I often even forget this and need to remember to deal with him in my kitten gloves and leave my Kung Fu grip in the ‘never’ cupboard. He’s been trying to keep as occupied as possible, he’s taken up every sport going, signed himself up to absolutely anything he can, gone into his own world a bit, stopped being fully open, and tactile when it comes to love and romance and is now asking me if he can clean the windows? He’s doing what I should be doing…which is the art of ‘nesting.’ Apparently preggo’s go through ‘nesting’ before they’re about to give birth. You’d be lucky if I ever went through the madness of wanting to CLEAN. Pregnancy is making ME want to make and spend money and making HIM want to be active and surrender to the art of cleaning? I think he’s being busy to keep his mind occupied and finding things like diet and sport to focus on to an extensive level. I’m watching in, eating doughnuts, curling my hair and peeing down my leg when I sneeze.

Anyway, yesterday evening, when Ruby has gone to bed, I thought I’d ask him how he felt…because he seemed happy, but closed off and distance…like I wasn’t his little ‘pookie pie.’ I laid on the sofa in my polka dot pyjamas and said, ‘So how you feeling about the bump babe?’ (I had seen him catch a glimspe of it, as he readjusted his cushion snuggle position.) His answer, was a sheepish smile and a very quiet, ‘Yeah….’

Erm…LOL. I don’t think it needed a ‘yes’or ‘no’ answer. I told him that through giggles and bizarrely he BLUSHED, smiled, acted all  shy and quiet andwhilst looking merry yet uncomfortable said, ‘yeah…it’s my son isn’t…..yeah…’ Awww! Then he had to look away, before his body got taken over by emotion. This is a guy who cried at me walking down the isle in a frock and I loved that. I remember it often and to this day it makes me cry. I mean i’ve just watched a wedding on ‘Real Housewives Atlanta’ and burst into tears with happiness. But i”m hormonal. I adore lovely moments of true love and romance. It’s magical. If my hubby cries at an ‘isle walk’ and what a beautiful isle walk it was…then the labour and birth of his first ever son will surely break him into (don’t get me wrong….very happy,) but emotional pieces. Y’know he’s also not a very patient guy, so the wait must be killing him. Lord knows how he’s handling it. But having this baby is a BIG DEAL for both of us…and we’re kinda drifting off into our own worlds in order to deal with it..yet I assure you, as always once it starts…we’ll UNITE stronger than ever and because that is just what we do! We are great at tackling moments like this. It will shatter the screen of distance and we’ll ‘hero’  clutch onto each other with an Army march. It’ll be a great moment for us both because our relationship itself has been magical. How we met, how everything turned out, our wedding, our love, baby Ruby and now our little baby boy…and all so quickly, without us even knowing it was all going to happen.

I’ve got 4 more weeks until i’m due to have a baby boy. I’m excited for it all and much happier today. But i’m happy because as soon as I woke up…I had the delightful Rubes entertain me, then I figured I’d drive into town to get my nails done again and treat myself to a spa pedicure. Holy shit, if you are a preggo…you NEED a spa pedicure now. My legs and feet never felt so good. I’m on top of the world. I’m like a guy, or a pervert i’m telling you because i’ll tell you this, nothing is more delicious than laying back on a comfy reclining chair, with your feet dipped in bubbling warm water, whilst a young and very beautiful Chinese girl rubs on your legs and feet. OH MY GOSH. It was heavenly. I get why guys love it. Then I switched my rebellious hot pink choice, that I got on Saturday for white tips. Much better. I’m certainly a white tip girl these days. My nails match and look ‘Dolly’ now. Plus, i’ve had my arms, hands, calves and feet massaged before a skin shed and nail polish. I could’ve died in love on that chair.

Maybe that’s why I’m finding Monday awesome? You all NEED to begin your week with a spa pedicure. It really does make the world seem like a safer place. Then I thought ‘fuck it’ and bought a fresh cream eclair…for the baby of course. 🙂  Life lit up with rosiness, because then I found out that I didn’t get a parking ticket for over-staying in a ‘will get a ticket if you don’t shift your car’ spot. Yay! I’m filled with a positive spirit today and i’m much better when i’m this way. The pregnancy has been too long. I’ve been preggo for 3 quarters of a year and although that’s normal…it’s hideous. I want to be *sizzle* again and rise to the top of my game with Va Voom…and I WILL. One of my LA friends stated that this morning. He wished me ‘congrats’ for being greatness and that one day i’ll get to where I want to be. Especially now that i’m done having ‘the babies’ for a while. Then then told me I was wonderful and that the cream always rises to the top. Does it? Anyway, I get what he was trying to say and I adore it. I love encouragement. In order to do well, you often just need a cheer leading squad who believe in you to make you feel confident. I’m confident anyway…but i’m quite ambitious. Whatever, i’ll get there and I can’t wait!

I’m loving all my message from you. I will tell you that i’m getting a lot form the ladies who are all chasing boys. LADIES! LADIES! Know that BOYS or MEN are meant to CHASE US! Remember this is what you do. You send them to ‘Green light’ which is the ‘Come to Mama’ beckon…don’t make ti too slutty, nor make it too friendly as they’ll see you as ‘just sex’ or even worse, ‘just good friends.’ THEN YOU LET HIM DO THE REST. Bottom line, be the guy shy or brave, if he wants you, he WILL COME AND GET YOU. It’s in their nature to be that way, They are the huntsmen of the game of love and will take the neccessary steps to make the girl that he desires his. Men have NO LOYALTY with one another. If they want, like or love a girl, they will make the advance…and should do. DON’T CHASE THEM. You don’t have too. Plus, if you’re having to put in a great deal of leg work, then the relationship isn’t going to run the way you want to. You want the man to adore you from first sight and dote on you lovingly…and take you on dates. You don’t want to of had to manipulate him into it. He should see you and know right away that he likes you. That’s the same with chicks who are wanting him to ‘put a ring on it,’ I’ve always believe and from my own experience that a man knows his wife when he sees her…immediately. The times when i’ve been married (lol…that sounds bad already) the guy has seen me and known straight away that he wanted me to be his wife. We don’t give guys enough credit sometime. They know what they want and will go get what they want, be they scared, insecure or brave. They’ll have a good go at the very least. But don’t chase them, be sexy… I mean us women are clever and we create situations where we can accidentally on purpose get to hang out with the boy that we desire etc…whether it be buddying up to their best friend, family member, going out to the same place, or making sure we randomly bump into them. We’re tragic like that. They know what we’re doing. They’re not always as ridiculous as we think. Let them love you and chase you. Let them be the man.

God, as if it’s nearly 2pm already. I’ve been out and about all day and i’m feeling lush. I just need a delicious bath and a chillax and i’m done with! You could float me on a boat to the heavens.

Just saw this online and thought it was clever. Have a go:

Rearrange these words : 1) Pneis 2) Htielr 3) Nggeri 4) Buttsxe. Did you read: Spine, lither, ginger and subtext?

Hope you all feel bad now 🙂

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