Forget Ya Troubles

Hello! I’m a bit stressed out today…i’m going insane. But i’m sure after a few cups of tea and an episode of ‘Girls next Door’ i’ll be back to my ‘normal’ self. (Sexilicious!)  A friend of mine in LA emailed me last night full of excitement because he had found Christmas in LA!! There’s only one place where you can find Christmas in LA, and that ‘s at ‘The Grove’…lucky guess really. (Eat Me! Eat Me!)  He had wondered over there, sauntered to the outside of a bookstore, bumped into Hugh Hefner and his 3 new girlfriends, then turned around and saw a tremendous trundle of ‘Rockette’ looking dancers, high kicking and winking to Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas,’ only to then witness an immediate explosion of BUBBLES!! (Put that in ya pipe and smoke it!) That’s like my perfect Christmas! Yet just another day in LA. (Ho-hum.)

Last year, at The Grove i was being covered in fake snow, that seemed to be falling from the heavens, (it was like a movie set)  i was wasted on English beer, I had ‘Latin Lover’ on my arm..there were kids everywhere, the Muppets and a bunch of young Hollywood Starlets were bashing into Me. Oh and i had a camera in my face, making me do a Merry Christmas countdown to turn on the lights! Now i’m in Yorkshire …working. It’s a day away from my birthday and although it’s freezing, i’m beginning to fall in love with England again. For some reason i had to be here right now. It’s so much better at 28 than it ever was at 18. I need tea. This time last year, i was getting my heart ripped out of my chest. I forgot! It’s funny how a bit of tinsel and Christmas magic can make you ‘only remember the good times!’ I love it! Oooh i fancy a Baileys. Is it noon yet?

My blog has reached it’s all time ‘high’ in hits, and i have YOU to thank for that…so Big Winks!! You shall be rewarded for it!! Honest!! (But probably not.) No really, i’ve very grateful!! The hilarious thing about it is, yeah people ( blow my own trumpet..) find my site through searching ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ or ‘,’ yet i was informed by the Gods (well the person who runs my site..he’s not God…yet he thinks he is…kinda like Me) that yesterday 126 people accidently found my site by searching ‘Playboy Virgin Mary’ and ‘Pakistani Paintings.’ (Hahahahaha!) Oh, oh and ‘piss panties.’ I LOVE IT!!! At least there was the word ‘Virgin’ in there. I never thought that word would ever graze my path again. I’m gonna start telling people i’m a Virgin and see whether their nicer to me. I’ll probably get pummelled by the dirtiest of dicks though! Nasty!

4 thoughts on “Forget Ya Troubles”

  1. shut up la sounds the guvna u see sir hugh and his new birds and rikets dancing i make u right loving it more there than here babe .u just get stroppy people wearing soppy hats

  2. im pleased u are falling in love with good ol blighty again but it is turning in to a quazi it has lost its charecter u go bethnal green it aint like it was is it babe the krays would be fuming ot see what is like over there know

  3. ark at old snobby draws u cant beat the old east end babe it is what enghlnd relies on in times of trouble u need ot take me to la with u one day to introduce me to all your hot pals


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