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Evening my cherry pies of yummy cabin love. Just a quickie to keep you tasty. We’re all checked into our luxury log cabin, in the forest…thanks to Forest Holidays, who are giving us the 5 star treatment. When i say ‘we’ i do mean Baby Ruby, le bump and my sexy bit of husband, ‘Handsome Keiran.’ It’s cosy, beautiful and perfect and well we all couldn’t be happier. It’s literally magical, i mean the forest trees surrounding us, are dripped and sprinkled in pure white snow. It’s like we’re in Narnia. But without having to go through a cupboard or gobble up Turkish delight.

Anyhow, we checked in at 4pm, watched a movie, snacked, settled and nested. Everything’s back to ‘fairytale,’ after an evening of me ignoring ‘the hubs.’ We woke up fine and completely smeared in love. If anything can make us better, it’s always a bouji trip away. It brings us back to ‘The bubble.’

This blog is just to check in quickly, as I’m so excited to be here. I’ve been quite productive really, to say I’m on holiday. I’ve tended to entertainment like a busy champion. So I’ll chat to you later, as we’re about to all have an night time dip in the outdoor hot tub. What absolute bliss, to be jacuzzi-ing up, outside, surrounded my a snowy dripped forest! Magic! We’ll have our hot tub disco lights on for sure and our rubber ducky a chilling with us!


Talk to you soon…

2 thoughts on “Forest Cabin love”

  1. It sounds magical, especially with the snow backdrop/

    I want to go on a forest holiday, take the dog and the bikes and get lots of fresh air. Have for ages.

    Convincing the teenager that it would be as much fun as the usual trek round theme parks is tough tho!



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