For The Girls



Back by POPULAR demand is a bit of eye candy for the girls. I’m getting a lot of complaints from the femmes, who are simply tired of seeing the Wunna ‘Funbags.’ Plus at the end of the day (believe it or not) young girls & women are my main audience.

Therefore to apologize for my foolish boobie behaviour…i’m giving you gals a treat!! I posted this before ..a jolly few months ago and well you little tramps LOVED it ( were worse than the boys!!!)

Meet my real life LA guy friends. I pretty much emotionally grew up around these boys…my band of merry men. We’ve snook around together, laughed together, shared dreams together, got drunk together and lied for each other a million times over!!  I have secrets with them all and  had baby flings with pretty much each and every one of them. It’s kinda like they’re exes at the same time!

Don’t say i don’t do anything for you my girly girls! Meet Bram, Ronnie, Jake, Theo, Dylan, Brandon, Justin, Lee, and Corey! They’re all in my blog somewhere and well sorry about the shirtlessness…it’s Hollywood, we’re ALL slags!

Enjoy!! Wink wink Pout!!

(Oh and just to prove that girls are pervy too…in the first 10 mins of me posting this blog 614 people have viewed it!!!)

21 thoughts on “For The Girls”

  1. Hahah..’Corey!!’ I love Corey (lol) He is amazing and always horny. Can be a bit sneaky though. He used to be a model, then an actor…we actually used to work together, then had a little secret ‘thing’ and well now he does real estate!

  2. wheres one for the fellas with loads of other topless richards aye chrissie? i hope u are cushtie me old china

  3. Scratch the whole point to this post is that it was for ‘The Girls’…hence why theres so boobs in it…called ‘Richard.’ (lol)

    Leave my baby Danyal alone!!


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