Fluey Innit Dolls

I’ve just woken up with the flu. THE FLU!! If there’s anything i hate more than sausage dogs, people who can’t take a joke, or raisins in desserts..it’s being ill. People always take their health for granted..me being one of them. I’ve spent my entire twenties ‘having a good time’ and boozing my way to an adult life of ‘not gonna make it past 45.’ However, at 7am this morning, my alarm went off. I have a hidieous soundind alarm and i really do need to change it, because the first sound your darling ears prick up to in the morning, is vital. It determines your utter state of mind. I’m a Glamour puss. I need to hear calm, joyous morning luxury..that oozes happy sensuality or a playful kitten like innocence. My phone…(pink Blackberry) rourks out a computerized Calypso theme of helldom…and get this FOLLOWED BY Fur Elise!!! It’s like a dodgey calypso/classicalmega mix! Well…kinda like me! Everyone who is lucky enough to find themselves in my sheets, hates me after they hear my alarm. 🙂 I would too…yet i know how fabulous i am.

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