Flowery gardens and the Karma Sutra!

How is it that the weather here in Badsworth, is just as good as a gorgeous spring Los Angeles morning? I’m loving it!! It’s really sunny out here, the birds are a chirping, the skies are baby baby blue, and i feel like a milion dollars!! I’m not quite sure why i’m so happy, yet i do think that due to the fact that i’m solar powered, when the sun is shining, i am a shining. (note: if this blog ends up being shite, it’s because i have someone endlessly nattereing about burmese noodles, whilst i’m trying to work. They just won’t stop and it’s hilarious.)

Anyway, today, i am deciding to plant some flowers. Random i know, but i’m a girly girl it’s what we do. Therefore, i will be strutting off to the garden centre, dressed in peach, to purchase the finest future flowery delights, and plant them with love, and in the HOTTEST slutty gardenning outfit, in a special piece of soil that i will call my own!! It’s fun, almost a game. As  I can totally pretend like i’m a flower planting housewife, for a good 10 minutes, then i’ll be completely bored. Fyi/ Our actual real life gardener, (can’t remember his name,) hates it’s when i tamper with the soil. He claims to ‘hate, crap Chrissie Wunna princess games.’ haha. Ah well, sucks to be him!!

So i watched ‘Karma Sutra last night, and i have decided that i am NEVER going to have sex again, unless the guy is doing exactly what the dreamy hot guy, in the movie was doing. He knows how to please a girl like me, in my chambers!! Unfortunately, he came to his death, by being visciously STOMPED on by an elephant, because he shagged the ‘addicted to heroine’ Kings lady. I swear, it was like the hottest porn, in the world ever, without intending to be porn. ( hahaha) I’m definitely a sensual person, I love sex, i’m good at it, yet i love the sensuality more than anything and i’ve wasted so much time, with ‘wham bam, thankyou mams.’ Never again!!

Shit, i’m turning into the hardest pull ever!! I love it!!

4 thoughts on “Flowery gardens and the Karma Sutra!”

  1. Oh yesss… Karma Sutra is a very sexy film! The book’s good too!

    hope you enjoy yourself getting dirty in the garden


  2. Princess, Kama Sutra is a great film and one oriented towards serving female pleasure. Of course it is made by a woman. You deserve to be served and serviced each and every day but hot young studs, unlike old pervs like me.


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