Flirty Gerty

Okay so this ‘being cold’ thing, is really starting to get on my tits! I’m rumaging through my wardrobe looking for the perfect ‘Dinner, then Strip club’ outfit, and everythings either too ‘chilly chilly, bum bum’ or ‘i’ll feel about as glamourous as a woolly fricking mammoth.’ Ugh!! So annoying. If i was in LA right now, i’d beable to adorn a ‘Chrissie Wunna GREAT.’ Yet, in Yorkshire i look like a F****** Ewok!! And yeah those fuckers might look cute, yet believe me they BITE!

The England cold is getting to me, big time. It’s even affecting my ‘flirting skills,’; which is tragic. I can’t FLIRT in the cold. I CAN’T!! I get all grumpy, quiet and all ‘don’t touch me.’ Yet plonk me infront of a fireplace, or in a lovely warm climate and i’m a Sexy Sasserilla, all ‘ooh’s-arr’s’ and ‘purrs.’ I need to find an outfit like NOW! UGH! But whatever, i’m excited. I need wine. Yay!!! Tonight’s gonna be fun, and my thirst for excitement out weighs any tragic weather….i think?? God, i’m such a Princess.

Lots of guys are mistaking my ‘friendliness’ for ‘flirtation’ right now. DANGER!!  I hate that! Look, i’m a very friendly girl…and also a very flirty girl. I flirt with EVERYONE, even MYSELF. Yet, just because i’m being a bit ‘wink wink’ friendly, i assure you, it doesn’t mean i  fancy you. Sounds a bit harsh…but it’s true, and i’m telling it how it is, just so you don’t get yourself in an unneccessary tizzy. It’s bizarre to me, how many guys think i  really do want to bonk them. I thought we were all just being friendly!! Flirt with me for sure, and have fun, and a few laughs…but don’t follow through with a crazy ‘ooh she’s so into ME’ big head ego….as it doesn’t suit you…it only suits ME! lol…IF i actually proper fancy you, you will know because i will TELL YOU. I’m not shy. Oooh i’m warming up now! Must be all the feistiness! DELICIOUS!

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  1. u funny fucker it wernt even cold troday i know im from down souf and we dont hasve it as cold as u and all that malrkie. why dont u where a lil number with a stone island jacked on top job dun u can take it of when u get down the rippers im well jealous i do love a ripper. i hope u have a good night chrissie. and thar u get out of being fucked of with our weather go down a quite boozer sit by the fire then u can flirt babe, ne i cant flirt hot or cold i am just pony at putting it on a bird know adays


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