Flic, Push Up bra’s and Smiles

Sooo emergency blog to tell you that BBF Flic is currently on my telly, taking part in the show ‘Dinner Date.’

As you know, i was mildy grumbly, and all *ooh* maybe *arrgh*…yet as soon as i saw my little Flicstar upon my little box of telly (and i do have a medium sized telly, not a ginormous one… I spend my money on far superior things like hookers, cocktails and lipgloss,) i actually perked right up! I jumped with with an ‘ohh la laa’ and filled to the brimmage with gleedom!

Now,when i was in the BBF house…behind the scenes and all that…My two best friends in that pad of pink, were both Samuel and Flic. (The others, apart from say Ola and Layla, who i thought were funny…i regarded as ‘blah.’) Flic, sam and I were on the same wave length, knew how to have fun, knew what we stood for, who we were and therefore formed some kind of alliance. (When you’re on a reality show of that nature…you need to find your closest buds fast and because you need to remain sane!) When i left the mansion…i remember everyone around me in tears of shockeroo. We all were. Flic never cries and even she broke down a wee bit because we’d all had this AMAZING time. 🙂

Watching my telly box, made me realize how much i’ve missed Flic. It was soooo delicious to see her and her gorgeous (hate her for it) hair. (She actually does loads of telly and whenever i see her, i begin texting away.) Yet as well as noticing how absolutely gorgeous she is…i also noticed how FLIC gets to be posh, and go on shows where men who want to date her are at her beck and call. Yet I…Miss.Chrissie Wunna, get offered all the party/whorey jobs and well i’m currently on Channel 5’s ‘Sex lessons’ show…telling the nation why they shouldn’t sleep with cauliflowered willied men. There’s something wrong here? HAHAHA. I get appluaded for just being a fuck up and she gets applauded for doing everything right and with an air of dignity! I want to be her!

But nonetheless..i love both Sammie and Flic, far too much for my own good. Therefore seeing her on my telly always brings a smile to my face, that has stretched across from a time ago where we were trapped in a pretty pink mansion! We had some AMAZING times. (I’m just pissing myself now, at how fun out time actually it was!)

It’s the smallest things that can make a human happy…and that gorgeous bitch of poshness made my day! (Even though she sometimes calls me a burmese whore.)

I enjoy a text i recieved from @GaryPonty on this matter :

‘Flic is such a lady. She romances over dinner and YOU romance pissed up, humpy rumpy down country lanes, then throw up by a skip. It’s what makes you special. I adore you. Ur Miss.Broken Bridge 2010.’

God, i’ve been hideious…but let me tell you..i’ve loved every waking moment of it. Live YOUR life! Love it! I’ve laughed all the way. The decades go by sooo mush faster than you think. I only have 7 decades left on this dodgey earth and that’s if i live until i’m 100 years old..God help me.  ( I hope i die with my face in a martini.) Remember that! Do not waste any time and treasure each moment you have!

Be you rich, poor, posh, or playful..gay, straight…or weird…get into that push up bra and [swear here] LIVE!!

3 thoughts on “Flic, Push Up bra’s and Smiles”

  1. J- lol…hiya! Erm..,.i don’t think Flic would date a girl, coz she just loves a good 8 incher 😉 But i’m sure she’d let you cook her dinner.

    Dk- Shit…i haven’t checked my email in forever.


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