Flaunting My Fricketty & a Wee bit of Zoo

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I’ve just strutted sexily past the hot boy that lives in my building. I unlocked the door to my place, all ‘ooh laa’ and thinking i’m the dogs bollocks, because i’m under the misconception that he wants me, tripped over my own giant pink suitcase, slide on my own leopard print fur (that i seemed to have hung up on the floor), trapped myself in my own laptop wire, fell over my own foot and them smacked into MY OWN goddamn WINDOW…only to look outside, see him and him give me a very straight man ‘Thumbs Up.’ (Aaaah kill me!)

Anyway, what were you doing at 11.05 am this morning? Well i was posing naked in the middle of london for Zoo Magazine, outside in the freezing cold,  amongst busy London traffic on

3 thoughts on “Flaunting My Fricketty & a Wee bit of Zoo”

  1. Most people today had just done the minute silence (being rememerance day) for the war heros and all that at 11am.. Not Chrissie!! SHE was flashing her tits on Shaftesbury Avenue!!!!!!!! Naked in the west end! haha, you make me laugh it’s ace. So cold today, watch those nipples! ya dont want em dropping off, esp in china town, they WILL end up in someones chicken fried rice!



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