Flashing Snowmen

Woke up this morning laughing my head off, over the fact that someone was showing me, Christmas snowmen badges that light up, then ‘flash’ like a fire hazard. It was the first thing my eyes laid eyes on, after a ‘Chrissie are you awake?’ (Please note ‘silence’ even though i am awake, means i want to pretend i’m asleep. So don’t turn my light on.) Then i remembered i was turning 28 in 2 days, and got a little bit depressed. You know i once woke up with my face wedged inside someone smelly sweaty armpit. Just got a flash back of it. Disgusting! I scrubbed my face,  got a facial (not that kind, wink wink) and the smell still wouldn’t go away. It was on the end of my nose…forever!! Sad too. He’s a really good looking boy. Yet his armpits STINK for shit. I need more tea.

I’m super emotional right now. Don’t know why? I cried at ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ (the second one) last night. Am i just sad because i’m missing LA or ‘Latin Lover?’ Am i just needing to release a little unwanted tension? Am i sad because i don’t know what the future holds?? Whocares, more importantly..i’ve just realized how SEXY Hugh Grant is. OMG!! I think i might love him. Especially when he’s all tanned, sarcastic and ‘womansizery.’ Delicious! (Shit, i’ve just stubbed my toe! UGH!! F*** it!!! I get through anything, without being so accident prone!! ARGH!!)

Apparently, i’m a lucky charm. Whenever i’m around people ‘amazing’ things happen. I’d say I was a lucky girl, a little too lucky. I guess i was just born under the right stars or something?? People use me for luckiness. Which means i’m like Buddha. Rub my belly and AMAZING things happen. (It helps if ur on drugs though.) Actually, I think people use me more for excitement, and mistake my charisma for luckiness. Making me a ‘lucky charm.’  Does that even make sense?? They say i have a light, and charisma that fills an entire room. It’s actually just my Ego, and hair do…but i’ll go with ‘charisma,’ it’s sexier. God i need a drink. Wow, ‘God’ and ‘sinning’ all in one sentence and before 10am. I can’t believe i’m actually up!! What is wrong with Me!!

I just recieved a poem from a fan. I love a good rhyming paragraph. Well this is more in the form of a ‘country music song’ (lol.) I like childrens poems, because they’re random. (haha.) I wanted to write a book full of them when i was younger. But that dream fizzled out, along with my virginity. Yay to Slags!

Chrissie Wunna

1 thought on “Flashing Snowmen”

  1. u funny fucker chrissie. u should go la soon just to have a good time with your geezer and pals thrn come back here coz we cant be losing u and all coz this country is going down the quazi at the minuite babe. i wish i could write u a ryming poem and that but im shit at all things like that babe, do u like roy chubby brown what a funy c get his new dvd is it the guvna


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