Fireworks, Wars and A flipping Gay Disco


Morning my little online book worms!

Bonfire night went disastrously. It was hilarious. But oh my gosh. It was terrible. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, I ADORE bitty bits of fire, flames, sky displays…all of it. It gets me very ‘Dolly’ excited and I start becoming addicted to playing with sparks.

Let’s just say, all was well when I picked the children up from nursery early and Ruby played with a few sparklers in the garden with me…



Then I decided to let off one of those rocket/fountain spurty things. The store lady had told me that it was a quiet little thing, that wasn’t too exciting, so I was pretty calm and extremely confident that all would be neutral and dull. Which in Mummy land means Safe.


I jabbed the rocket/fountain thingy, into the grass…I ย lit the fuse and backed off slowly, merrily, carefully…Ruby was far away, yet still chipperly smiling with utter happiness, eagerly waiting to see what her dear over eye-lashed Mother would come up with.

HOLY SHIT! After about 4 seconds of a tiny, orange sizzle of boredom…that god forsaken, mother-f***** of a BEAST (sorry about the swears, but HOLY CRAZINESS,) it CAME ALIVE.

OH MY GOOOOD! It EXPLODED into what felt like the NOISIEST repeated BANG-POP-WOWS in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. My calm bit of firework magic, ย fountain sprayed, banged loudly, shot out stars, rockets, bits of madness…maybe even Tina Turner midgets in drag for all I know ๐Ÿ™‚ and it spurted INSANITY EVERYWHERE, unstable insanity…EVERYWHERE! It even got to the point where this tiny little rocket like fountain, took up the WHOLE FRICKING GARDEN with it’s crazy, hormonal, attitude. It was disturbingly hilarious!

I can’t even begin to explain it to you, but If you put together the war in Afghanistan and a gay disco, equipped with glitter glam rocker platforms, acid and the bi-polar disorder…that was our firework! IT WAS MENTAL and to the point where poor little Ruby RAN FOR HER LIFE! Hahahahaha. All you could do was SWEAR!

I shouldn’t laugh. But it was hilarious because there’s little girl running, happy little girl running, giggly little girl running, scared little girl running…and then THIS little girl running. It was a run of UTTER FEAR AND PANIC, like she was being chased by bears, or ย axe murderers. I even ran initially due to the shock of how giant this little firework got. Never good when you’re Mum, as you’re meant to be calm and brave. .However, once inside and safely wedged behind a patio door…everything looked lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

From that point on…Ruby never wanted to play with fireworks again. ๐Ÿ™‚ She did try and go back outside to toy with another little sparkler, but as soon as she heard ย the fireworks of others swizzle into the sky..she panicked and ran inside crying. ๐Ÿ™‚

Therefore bonfire night didn’t go too well. I now have a daughter who i’ve gifted with a phobia and Junior was madly ill through the entire thing, so didn’t enjoy anything really. ๐Ÿ™‚ He puked and cried whenever he heard a *bang.*

I on the other hand..LOVED IT and was sooo disappointed that I couldn’t go back out side and let off 20 more rockets. I have no-one to play with!!

I’ll tell you what though, NOTHING is more exciting that letting off rockets and fireworks into the dark sky. Nothing! It felt AMAZING! Liberating! Free! I got such a buzz! And well even the little sparklers excited me! I just love fire, excitement and colour. I could’ve spent the rest of the of my life letting fireworks off into the sky! I actually have 19 left, because my loin fruit abandoned me in fear. I wanted to grab one and let it off at 6am this morning, in my nice little residential area, to wake up the masses. What an ace prank! It would’ve been SOOOO FUNNY. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I would’ve done it, if I was around bad company, egging me on. Yet no, my sensible side got the better of me and I let my neighbours sleep. I don’t know how i’m gonna *pop-bang* 19 more fireworks though? I need to get rid of them, just so they’re not kept in the house.

Today is nursery/school picture day for the kids. Juniors in a shirt and tie and Ruby is in a black party dress. She thinks that it’s her birthday today because she’s in a party dress, so when I took her to nursery, she strutted in, slipped her coat off and went around each and every child, as they were eating their breakfast at the table and said, ‘IT’S MY PARTY, NOT YOURS!!!’ She swanned around like she owned the joint, making sure they all knew it was ‘all about her.’ Lord help me! I can never teach that girl manners. Humility isn’t her thing. I do feel bad because she does really think it’s her birthday party and it’s not. ๐Ÿ™‚ But i’m sure between the both of them they’ll have some gorgeous preschool pictures. Even if they’re funny…i’ll still adore them. That’s what it’s about!

Okay, back to Me!


(That’s Gay Adam and I when we were fun, in the VIP at Embassy London.)

So, I was all positive yesterday and I had a moment where a little bit of a negative text, ventured in and hurt me…I had been waiting for an exciting email all day, so I was sort of on edge, but on the whole happy. I’ve been really great with this being positive and doing good for others malarky. If you can’t be charitable, then you’re an idiot in my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always hated it when i’ve heard people grumpily say, ‘What about me, charity begins at home.’ I heard a lot of that a couple years ago when I collected for ‘Cash for Kids’ in the supermarkets. Caring for others, who are less fortunate and genuinely wanting to do so matters to me. How can you not be bothered to give up your time for a second just to give back? That’s disgusting! It doesn’t even have to be financial, as the most important thing you can give up is your time and when it comes to money…i’m sure some of you folk have squandered cash at luxury bars, where a simple pound of that would’ve actually helped someone in need, instead of hinder your basic stability. ๐Ÿ™‚

Clearly people having got this ‘do gooding’ thing down. Good things happen to GOOD PEOPLE. Good people are those with compassion. Who do the right thing and are filled with love…regardless. When you’ve mastered the art of ‘do gooding’ you’ll find that life gives back.

After my one negative phone call..and because I was trying so hard to get back to ‘positive,’ IMMEDIATELY that ONE GREAT phone call came through that was so relieving that it made me cry. A burden had bee lifted and it’s important to always be around positive energy. I won’t be around anything negative now because they bring badness with them.

Over the past few months, I’ve worked really hard and I think people don’t realize that I have because I act like i’m not working that hard. I laugh a lot off, with a ‘ah-dee-dums’ but i’m a very focused person, under 10 layers of fake tan and glittered eye shadow.

But yes, yesterday was good and because I was so happy afterward, life turned super rosy and then a weird in pour of more and more great phone calls and messages came through work wise! Lots of different people and companies asking me wanting me to be part of their dream and I adore that! There’s so much opportunity right now that I feel lucky.

On top of all that, the lip gloss line is taking effect. Work is good. I’m getting a qualification next year and starting drama school alongside it. The babies are fine and I’m feeling delicious. I’m looking forward to Christmas and completely happy that we can now officially begin to celebrate it! FINALLY! There’s nothing else going on ‘holiday-wise’ now except Crimbo…Oh and my birthdya. (Dec 19th folks. )

The good thing about being me, is the simple fact that I have a great deal of support, so as soon as I feel down…someone somewhere immediately knows to make me smile. It makes a big difference and is something that i’m really grateful for. So Thank You! Innit!

I’ll stop being lovely now and churning on. I’m gonna be doing a whole lot of charity before the end of the year, so if you are a local charity, please so contact me so that I can help you build awareness this Xmas! ย I’m good at it. I promise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other than that, my diets going well!

Hurrah. Life rocks!


Wunna x

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