Finger Licking Goooood

Feeling AMAZING! Woke up to a call from a very sexy LA boy, whos’ holding my very sexy LA fort and my disturbing LA reputation up, whilst i bum around England causing mischief and drama. (Which is just a exciting way of saying ‘work.) It’s always good to wake up to the voice of someone who adores you. I should try doing that more often! Brings a smile to my face. I’m actually beaming. It’s Madness! I love ‘love.’ Or the art of it. And in return it loves me. And I’ve never ever had a problem with boys or Cupid, and i think it’s because i ’embrace’ them…both and at the same time….haha! I welcome them into my world of ‘divine,’ without already housing some j’j’j’jaded point of view. All my friends are guys. I know how difficult they find it, having to hit on a girl they really fancy, or even make the first move without knowing if they’re gonna get the big shameful REJECTION. It’s adorable! Men are truely misunderstood. They just want you to love them. It’s women (like me…haha..who are too big for their boots) you have to becareful of. (You could probably add an ‘Alex’ from Big Brother’s ‘Member i sed dat’…and a gangster finger gun, there.)

I’m feeling fricking wonderful today. My life is sorting itself out perfectly. 2009 feels sexy. Hollywood is staying true to me and i’m going to get my eyes tested later on today, as i’m sure i’m getting blinder. My optician is HOT!  But I’m like ‘Blind Betty Batty’ without my contacts in. How am i supposed to get through my day,  if i can’t see my Martini. (I hate Martini’s, never drink them…so i don’t know why i’m lying before noon. How UnGodly.) I enjoy a Malibu pineapple. How am i supposed to find the perfect slutty ‘going to the opticians’ outfit!! Shit, i wish i was at Sky Bar.. laying by the pool, eyeing up Jesse Metcalfe and whoever else is always there. You can’t do that in Yorkshire. But you can throw eggs at gypos…so i’m fine.

Oh God. Last night because i was bored and tired. My inner self decided to pick on ‘Latin Lover’…because he wasn’t obiding by my rules and for no real reason, other than i’m a spoilt bratt.. I think i accidently broke up with him by stating ‘I can’t be bothered with us anymore. I can’t do this…and hung up.’ Then i merrily went on my way, doing my hair, watching TV, spinning in a glittery whirlwind of wooo. Infact, i had forgotten.

Then the poor thing calls me 2 hours later, on edge, crying and filled to the brim with love saying ‘Oh MyGOD. Why wouldn’t you want to BE with me? What did i do?’ And I felt like a prize TIT, cos i didn’t mean it…AT ALL! I was just being moody…which was my poor explanation. I didn’t even deliver it correctly. It was a little chipper.I remember giggling, deeply apologising for my behaviour and calling myself an ‘idiot.’ Luckily he went for it…and in a milli- second was all happy beams, cheers and light. It’s that easy! A sorry and a smile. I go for guys that let me get away with all sorts of nonsense. He does. He calls it ‘love.’ I call it ‘lucky.’

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  1. i wish i was back at my hotel in pattaya sitting by the pool goping red like a lobster getting pints of stella brought up and teaching thai girls cockney ryming slang in stead i am in samui where it aint as hot and u cant get pints of stella wounded. u got your geezer well trianed for swallowing your shit babe


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