Finally..a catch up


I don’t even know where to begin!?!

I have been BUSY! I mean, all it really takes is that one day of being productive and before you know it you’re on the phone to Glamour Magazine, Vogue and all sorts…auditioning for telly shows, working your normal day job, being Mum, talking to your ex like ‘nothing bad ever happened,’ consulting your Doncaster psychic, being asked to audition for another show, followed by meeting new friends, making money, running a business, chatting to new boys, getting cuddles when you need them, selling lashes  and after all that….weirdly succeeding. (Although, I will admit that i did have to get change in  car park, inside my car. That’s never sexy. But I had to transform from day job clothes, into hot casual clothes at I had to park up hundreds of walks away from the entrance, and strip.  It was kind of like being ‘Clark Kent’ but not as bouji, colder, slower and well we all know i’m not Superman. So, kinda nothing like Superman. 🙂 God! I enjoy my logic.)

But yes, i’ve been busy and the hood thing about being busy, is the simple fact that it means i’m going places and boy am I ambitious. This year..i’m gonna get there. MY psychic even told me that. 😉 The rest of my life…according to ‘Cherry’ my psychic…’CHARMED.’ Oh yeah baby!

Lots going on. Lots of work. Day job going well. Social life performing. I’ve slacked off on dating accidentally because everyone seems average. Tinder is shit. You might have found love on there, but for me..i just need to know and meet you in person…and i mean the initial meet up needs to be in person, i think…unless you prove not to be a bizarro.. For me…’in person’ works so much better simply because I guess i’m more different then I thought, and i come with a Google search and ‘Cyber juice’ and all that ‘Lord knows what,; that i forgot about.  I’m just saying that i’d rather bump into a hot stranger and take it from there. I don’t trust any man online now who attempts to ‘woo’ me. HAHAHA. I’m better than that and it’s all about energy and a connection for me. I’m a lucky girl as i always have a whole load of options, but i’m picky and well…right now, as i’m doing so well and whilst i’m so happy…the GUY has got to be more than AMAZING, or just plain old himself. I don’t think i can date a ‘normal’ guy that i don’t know or who doesn’t know me already. I’d prefer an intellect or someone who ‘gets the game’ of entertainment, or marketing. That’s comes first, followed by just being a decent guy. I have children…they are my world…My mum says that I should just knuckle down and build my million pound empire…instead of chasing ass, as i apparently only do it when i’m bored.

(Wow! Perez Hilton. What a Drama Queen. Celebrity Big Brother is on in the background and I get the whole…’being entertaining’ thing, but my inner Yorkshire of ‘keeping it real’ just makes me feel so annoyed by him. If he was in Ponty, that shit that he’s pulling would just not go down well.)

I’ve got so much to tell you but i’m not i’m here with a wine, i’ve forgot it all because i’m knackered with a wine, worked all day and have a numb brain. Yippeee!

I ended up at the Glassroom at Xscape last night, talking to Chris (who owns it) and the manager Sarah over vino. I actually did all the promo hoots for the Glassroom, like  years ago just before i went ‘on the telly’ so i sort of knew Chris from that time. But one drink turned into loads and before you know it we were bantering on about others, our love lives, who was sleeping with who, exes, children, life and ambition. I mean, I even I did a facetime call , mid banter, which is always shit in bars as no one can hear what your saying. Something about ‘bunk beds.’

Okay, once i’ve gathered my thoughts and  can actually remember all the stuff i had to tell you…i will. Like tomorrow. I HATE having a mind block when i KNOW i have so much to tell you.

Right now, i have to make chicken salad wraps, so i’m off.

I have wine, I hope you do too…

Roll on Sunday…


ps, Keiran asked me if i was dating last night, he’s being really sweet to me right now, it’s odd and refreshing all at the same time, as we’re managing to banter and be cool, which is always great when raising children.



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