Filming tomorrow…


Okay so tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m filming the Openning titles for ‘Miss.Romance.’ I got cast as ‘Miss.Romance’ herself. I’m really excited and well up until now i’ve been all ‘cocky, cocky, confident’ about the whole little shindig. All ‘Yeah, i’m amazing’ and all that whatnot. Now….I am shitting myself. (Literally.) I’m actually quite nervous. Hahaha…Oh Lord. It’s suddenly dawned on me that, yeah it’s tomorrow and although i absolutely cannot WAIT to get to filming it all. I’m actually yeah…a bit terrified now. Woohoo!

But anyhow, i’m sure it’s nothing a vodka can’t handle. Loving life!! (You can all still come on down…either email me via ‘Contact Chrissie’ or TWEET @DreamBigRadio for the location) I can’t wait to meet you all. If i’m all odd, don’t worry it’s because i’m either trashed, or throwing up my carb intake. Ciao!

(I just talked to John the producer. He said, if i turned it down he would’ve sent me flowers, booze n Brazillians (as in boys & not the ‘waxed muff’ kind) until i said ‘Yes!’ I should’ve said ‘No’ for a month. )

11 thoughts on “Filming tomorrow…”

  1. Oh shut up – will you STOP worrying!!!

    Remember that thing in Snow White “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” to which the mirror said “YOU FUCKING ARE!!!!!” – done!

    Them chickens jackin my style, they try to copy my swagger, I’m on that next, sit now!


  2. Eww… what has happened to the fun loving Gin & Tonic that I go clubbing with?!?!

    I think you need a time out…. and a bottle of rosé… I’m coming armed tomorrow! ‘kin ell


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