Film Vibes…

I’ve literally just got back from Manchester after a Monday table read, filming and a total ‘wrap’ yesterday early evening! 

Director Dan: ‘That doesn’t look like a tanned coat??’ 

Me: ‘Sorry. Lol. I went for navy faux fur instead. I look like an episode of Real Housewives!’ 

Charli: ‘It definitely looks like a good break up outfit.’

Dale: ‘Hey, bitch!’ 

Things are hectic…but they’re amazing!! 🙂 I’m working with some fantastic people…meeting the most creatively beautiful souls and y’know I can’t believe how fast my life has actually changed!! I look back through my tinkered little years and it’s almost like some blurry dream land, littered with moments of ‘flash back’ and oozed over with juicy squeezes of emotion.

I’m filming all over right now, so I haven’t had time to blog daily. Plus, I’ve been having the THE BEST time of festivities with my babies, Ruby & Junior…So it’s all be a ‘go-go-go.’ I’m looking forward to chill for Christmas. I can’t wait to kick back and drink Pirate rum.

I’m really grateful for everything that’s happening. (Well the good bits.) I  mean, my life couldn’t be more surreal. Even with all the ‘so much’ drama I have going on within it…(there’s been stress and angst) I’m still okay. My hearts still beating. I’m still smiling. My babies are filled with joy. I’m lucky enough to finally do a job that I love. 

When you only do the things that you love…this strange kinda magic and wholeness occur. It’s like nothing else in the world matters. When to conquer the things that terrify you and step out of your ‘comfort zone’ that’s when you develop and achieve. Add a bit of confidence and self worth and you’re smashing it. You’re a conga line, baby! (That IS meant to be a good thing. Haha. Even though I do personally hate conga lines. They’re really devastating.) 

So over the past couple weeks, every hour, minute, second, day and city… I’ve been a Prank Elf, for a tv show. I’ve been cast as a part of a ‘girl/girl’ couple, for a film, I’ve been really interested in. I’ve been asked if I’d like to be part of another film, which actually involves a fully nude scene, where I’d have to lay in the actual freezing, cold snow…in Germany. I’m filming locally, abroad and with everyone.

I stopped in at YAFTA on Saturday…for comedy class, ‘Dave,’ by tutor informed me that I was an ‘Auguste’ clown. (The ‘dry’ one, in a comedy duo.. as opposed to the loveable, ‘goofy’ one. You’re either the Auguste clown or the Naive clown.) 

Other than that…we decided that my boobs should get credits. I told a shit joke in Hungarian, then in the form of ‘musical theatre.’ I punched Geordie Ben in the knackers for laughs…and I’ve just got cast as ‘Amy’ in a short film, for the Northern Film School…which I can’t wait for! Amy’s a prostitute. It’s exciting! I’ll be filming it on my birthday too. It actually ‘wraps’ on my birthday….in the early hours of the morning…in the outside cold…in the dark….in a car. I might even have a blond prostitute wig on. Haha. That’s how I’ll be turning 39!! 

The last film I wrapped on was phenomenal. It was directed by Dorothy McCormack and Produced by Naomi Midgelow. There’s just something so special about that team and film. They were so on the ball and literally the most organised team. Yet at the same time as oozing creativity, they had this beautiful need for openness and a ‘good time.’ If someone smiled…it passed around the set. If someone laughed, it was contagious. If someone was grumbly…it was dealt with lovingly. If all our bags, clothes, money, food and lunches were locked in a room…We survived it with a ‘pass the popcorn’ game, life stories and budget mini cheddar sharers. 

There was a magic. If you were there you could feel it. It’s a really great film and a really great script! Even when I first went in to audition for them, I felt an excitement…one I hadn’t felt in ages.

They did everything the right way…and their ‘right way,’ was a way that worked for EVERYONE….and I know I keep saying it but I honestly don’t think I’ve worked with a more professional & organised team! They went above and beyond their call of duty. It was a time filled with good work, banter, laughter & respect! 

They are certainly faces to watch out for in the future! I’m so lucky to have been able to work with them and be part of their story!!! I’m truly really grateful. 

Obviously, the filming part of the process is done and dusted. ‘Wrapped.’ However the next bit of jiggery pokery…all the editing etc looong & hard. (Y’know, when you’re an actor, you kinda just get to show up, whop out a bit of acting…leave…and move onto the next project, until that particular film or show airs or screens. THEY have to do ALL the hard work!) 

So, as I get updates and snippets, I’ll tell you all about it…and at THAT time I’ll tell you the stories about my time on the film! I actually felt sad having to leave that set. It was a weird feeling. I’ve left a lot of sets. But I loved that one very much. 

Josh and I….

Shit! I haven’t told you about Josh. He was my male, actor counterpart. I always work with a guy. It’s always ‘Chrissie & Dale,’ or ‘Chrissie & Ben’ or ‘Chrissie & John.’ He was ‘Chrissie & Josh.’ Haha. 

He utterly leads the film and I gently support…by being a bitch. (Which is a role I’m really wonderful at.) He’s so much fun, a great talent, I like him a lot…and it was just hilarious to work with him and get to know him. We had a good rapport, which just makes acting together so much more magical. He’s really thoughtful. He has an evil sense of humour. He’s really kind….

But OH MY GOD,  if I actually have to hear his flippin’ monologue AGAIN, I will absolutely throw myself off a bridge or feed MYSELF to angry lions at lunch time. 

(Arms up.)

‘I am INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!’ 

Hahaha…. (You had to be there.)

Anyway, Josh and I were walking to the train station after we wrapped that evening…and although we were so happy to have been part of it…there was a distinct sadness hovering about the both of us, that it was all kinda over.

Josh: ‘They always teach actors to never hold onto things/projects…after you’ve worked on them.’

(He didn’t look at me when he said it…)

Me: ‘Yeah…’

Josh: ‘What’s next for you?’

Me: ‘I’m filming in Manchester.’

Josh: ‘I’m DEFINITELY walking under that Christmas tree tonight!!! I don’t fucking care if there’s a happy kissing couple or a baby under it!! Haha.’ 

And just like that… life went back to normal. 

Anyway…I think it’s around March time, when the film is ready for screening? So, I’ll promo the bongos out of it then! I can’t wait to see it! 

It was such a pleasure working with you ALL….and Josh….you were ace! 

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