Fiddle me timber

I’m about to go to bed feeling somewhat disturbed by the fact that i’ve managed to get myself compared to a lost ‘Porcupine’ who ‘does it anyway,’ and also managed to get myself called, a ‘rubberball lady.’ Although quite hilarious, i don’t think anyone really is doing that great if they are compared to a ‘Rubberball lady?’ It’s like an ugly meaty inflation. ( i understand the whole ‘bounces back’ thing, yet all i seem to imagine is Me, the size of a massive fleshy ‘Rubber ball,’ haphazardly bounding off objects that don’t really want to be bounded upon!) It’s like a sad nursery rhyme or something? ‘Rubberball lady, Rubberball Lady bounced into a well…..?’ (not very creative) I’ve also been referred to as ‘Looney Bitch’ this evening…..and a ‘little wiffie.’ I like the term ‘looney bitch’ as it really does sum me up. However, God knows how i’m supposed to stay unconfused, when there’s so many confusing things i’m supposed to be?? To be honest, it shows i’ve put in a good days work!! I’m quite impressed with myself, yet i kind of always am. (evil laugh) I fiddled with myself on a toilet bowl today…i just felt like it, after seeing the reflection my my boob in the glass shower screen. 10 points! I even acted out a whole, ‘How much do you love my tits’ scenario. Now i feel like a bit of an idiot. I should go for round 2, yet i really should quit the ‘filly folly’ and get some beauty sleep. Night! Night!

5 thoughts on “Fiddle me timber”

  1. sounds like u get called lots of names chrissie. it is because u are a charecter and people like charecters. i bet u had fun having a lil fiddle it is normal we do it more than once a day everyday i bet u are lving your new thrupneys they sound the guvna chrissie

  2. cheers chrissie that would be lovely babe. i hope u are having a lovely thursday chrissie have copious amounts of coffee chrissie take care babe tada scratch

  3. “Fiddle me timber” is the best title for a blog post ever! Sounds like a comedy porno about horny lumberjacks.

    I need sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! xxxxx


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