Fence Builders do not make the cut

Morning!! So it’s almost June 11th, which is the Chrissie Wunna breast enlargement day, (oooh) i feel so much better..now that i am flu-less (yep, snot is not hot,) and there’s a gorgeous gentleman in my garden building a giant fence. It’s sooo desparate housewives, and sooo dreamy hot hot. I guess there’s just something about a guy who can build a giant fence, with his bare hands (well i actually know lots, yet the fences are emotional brick walls, or to stop me from stalking them..) However, THIS gardener/ fence bulider, is excellent, as he doesn’t say a single word, (the best kind.) He just dreamily gets his work done and BOY does he gets his WORK done!! (haha..i’m such a perv, you’ve all rubbed off on me.) Yet he can only be a meer second of entertainment, in the darkest corner of my mind..as he may beable to build me a million fences, but can he really support my life demands, of diamonds, shoes, Hollywood, and cold hard cash..along with romancing and love, and a whole lot of Va Vommage…methinks not!!! PASS!!

Talking about Hollywood, i’m missing it like crazy right now. I’m missing my life, my friends, my love, and the town itself. Yorkshire definitely does not cater to my life standards very well. Infact neither does England as a whole. I out grew this country about 10 years ago, and yeah me being here right now, is proving to be a snooze. The only positive is the fact that i’m with my family, they are my world and really that’s about all. Everything else is better in Hollywood. Even the Yorkshire puddings!! However, i’m excited about my upcoming boob op, i don’t have long now??? I’m excited about life, i’m bubbling over with ‘joie de vivre,’ and i’m  probably the happiest person alive.

Join me!!

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