Feeling Quite ‘D’ for Dodge Fest

One of those ‘circus’ like days, that I ever so enjoy. I only enjoy them because it makes the end if the day, when you kick of your tired heels of ‘hoochie’ and fall back into your ‘happy‘ place of ‘comfy comfy’ worthwhile. In order for things to feel lovely, you kinda have to go through a series of stressful, back breaking, mind bending, emotionally draining hiccups…with rum. When you have…you tend to be a pussy cat who appreciates a bit of relaxed luxury. (I enjoy the fact that when I was little Wazza took me to Pontefract castle to film poo, after we got thrown out of Tesco’s for filming cold meat, melons and things that were 69p. Just revisiting the past via Facebook. It’s great how a castle can bring back a flood of foolish memories. Castles & I… don’t mix. The last time, I was in one, five police men were escorting me out of one, at 4am and Big Brother Rex’s dad was telling me off, in a ‘This Is It’ T-shirt. 🙂 Hellooo London! I’ve arrived!)

I’ve actually had a wonderful day. I’m working from home. Very pregnant. Enjoying my last couple of days and writing letters of consent for the BBC to Andrew, who works for the NH

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